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ICCA Global Tribes: Awaken the Warrior Within

BUENOS AIRES: Delegates at the 54th International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) 2015 in Buenos Aires were given sneak peeks, from Nov 1 to 4, into Sarawak, the Heart of Borneo. With Sarawak playing...


Borneo Safari 2015 : A Taste of an Off-road Adventure

By Patricia Hului [email protected] @pattbpseeds   I’ve flirted with nature before but my flirtation has only gone as far as a one day hike at a nearby national park or kayaking along Santubong’s shallow...


A writer’s dream to give everybody the chance to travel

By Patricia Hului [email protected] @pattbpseeds Photos courtesy of Wong Hui Shin   What would you do after selling your self-written book? Would you take up your earnings and splurge like there’s no tomorrow? Or...