About Us

The Borneo Post SEEDS – Giving the youth a voice

“The youth don’t read,” has become a glaring issue for us in the newsprint industry. How do we compete with 24-hour information that anybody can access with a single swipe of their finger? How do we make reading the news relevant to secondary students and young working adults?

We give them a voice. We give them a face. We let them – YOU – tell us what matters through our new youth-oriented website The Borneo Post SEEDS.

The idea for The Borneo Post SEEDS began in 2012, first as an idea as a weekly print-publication, and then it crystallised in 2013 as a website.

We have five main landing pages which include: Focus (features and human interest stories), Camp’US’life (news, events, updates from educational institutions), Lifestyles (Food and beverage, travel, reviews), YourSay (reader’s letters, OpEds) and Pixels (where we publish colour and photo stories).


We resurrected this name from a section in The Borneo Post’s discontinued weekly publication PostMag, since the title seems to incorporate everything from most-talked about trending topics, personalities or celebrities to current issues like bullying in schools, fuel-price hikes, drug abuse, people and events.


A section specifically about life on campus from both students and lecturers, where readers can get the news about programmes, new facilities, clubs and associations, ongoing research findings and projects, events and school highlights.


For the weekend warrior in all of us, where people can read up on healthy lifestyles and activities, food and beverage and read up on what’s hot at the cinema, what to read or what to listen to in our reviews section.


Growing up can be fun, it can be awkward, and sometimes it can be pretty lonely. With YourSay, we hope that it can be a place where readers can post up your opinions.


Never has photography been more prevalent than it is now since the advent of the smartphone. Send your photos in to us at seeds@theborneopost.com with your name and a caption for your photo and see it featured on this page.


The most important element of The Borneo Post SEEDS is creating a dialogue with our readers through the website’s forums as well as its Facebook page (facebook.com/theborneopostseeds), Twitter @borneopostseeds, Instagram.com/theborneopostseeds.

For information or enquiries about The Borneo Post SEEDS or how you can contribute, email us at seeds@theborneopost.com.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Margaret Apau

The Borneo Post SEEDS online editor