A great 2016 for Paint the World

International programme Paint the World (PTW) continued its mission to change the world for the betterment of the underprivileged with the opening of new branches in four countries last year.

According to PTW Malaysia founder Aziza Aznizan, the new branches of PTW were opened in Hong Kong, Oman, Qatar and Timor-Leste.

“After I set up the PTW movement in Oman in January 2016, more than 40 new members led by Adam Riyami and Siham Husam have launched PTW successfully and is still ongoing. We are planning a big event this summer of 2017,” she said.

Aziza has also enrolled for her undergraduate in International Politics, majoring in International Affairs in Georgetown University in Qatar.

“When I entered Georgetown in August last year, I was elected as Representative President Class of 2020 and I have started Paint the World Qatar in October with my Qatari best friends Lulu Al-Saigh and Maryam Al-Mulla.

“We visited the centre for disabled people with balloons and guitar,” she said, adding that Qatar is a very conservative Muslim country.

Other endeavours by fellow United World College (UWC) students include those by 11 students of United World College (UWC) Hong Kong led by Lavina Wong as well as those from UWC Atlantic College, UK who organised a Paint the World Summer Project in Hong Kong in July 2016.

Fellow student from United World College, UWC Adriatic in Italy branch Ariel Mota Alves who is from Timor-Leste led a group of young members to start Paint the World Timor-Leste.

Aziza then visited them in November last year to continue expanding and kick-starting Paint the World Timor-Leste.

“Places we visited included Madre Alma (Children Orphanage). Since it is a very Catholic country, the nuns take care of the children. They also speak Portuguese and Tetum (broken Portuguese) but I speak Spanish so I could converse a little bit in Portuguese,” she added.

The year 2016 was also the second year Paint the World was held in Miri. Led by Charissa Wee, Christmas events were held around Miri and they also distributed presents and donations to centres around Miri as well as to Penan longhouses and villages on the city’s outskirts.

PTW Miri will also be organising Paint the World Concert 3.0, which is expected to be different from PTW Concert 1 and 2 as this time it will involve performances from the autistic children and orphans around Miri.

The event is also being supported and sponsored by Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah .

Aziza also revealed that Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof has also been very supportive of PTW starting in Kuching.

“He has sponsored several Miri-Kuching PTW events where members from Miri fly to Kuching on their own expense to meet PTW Members of PTW Kuching, mostly from Technology College Sarawak (TCS) to visit hospitals and orphanages around Kuching.

“New friendships between the youth of Kuching and Miri have formed and the group is gradually expanding to continue with the mission of Paint the World, which is to spread world peace, unification and youth creativity,” said Aziza.

On their upcoming activities, Aziza said that they will be starting Paint the World in Swaziland.

“The founder of Paint the World Georgia Lika Torikashvili is now taking a gap year to work with UWC Waterford in Swaziland and we plan to meet up beginning of this summer to launch the Paint the World in Swaziland.

“We have bigger plans in the future with high hopes for world peace and our big ambitions, to be the leaders of our countries.”

Aziza expressed her condolences for the family of the late Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem.

“I remember standing in front and telling him that my dream was to become a chief minister and he jokingly said ‘Sorry, the job is currently filled’ in front of thousands in the audience and other ministers in Kuching.

“PTW youths are deeply saddened by the passing of our beloved Chief Minister and wish to extend our deepest sympathies to his family.”

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