Insta-famous Ngektsai attracts 85,000 followers within two years

Ngektsai playing a role as one of his popular characters from his video.

Ngektsai playing a role as one of his popular characters from his video.

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) — Insta-famous parody artiste Ngektsai or Zameen Saini says he is overwhelmed by the positive response from Malaysians to his funny videos, which became viral since his debut two years ago.

“I certainly never expect it to go this far. Moreover, I use Sarawak dialects in all my videos. Having 85,000 plus followers is an achievement, which is more than I ever expect,” says the 32-year old, who hails from Sri Aman, Sarawak.

My fans are not only from Sarawak and Sabah, but also from Peninsular Malaysia who have requested that I use other local dialects, especially when playing the ‘Yoyo’ (named after his friend from Peninsular Malaysia) character in his video for a wider reach,” he adds.

Ngektsai created his own ‘aura’ to attract over 85,000 followers on his Instagram account, with his self-produced and self-directed videos on current happenings, especially social issues among the community. Raised in Kuching, the overnight celebrity graduated in medicine and has since served in the pathology department of a hospital for the past 10 years.


Below are excerpts from the Bernama Portal interview with Ngektsai via email:

Q: How did you get this idea of producing funny videos?

I started making videos for fun and it is not that difficult since I am also paid for my freelance work producing videos for weddings and other occasions. Response from my family and friends on my work has been positive, hence I continue doing it and here I am now.

Q: Who gave you the support?

For sure, I have those who form the backbone of my strength and spirit to enable me to continue with what I am doing now. They are my family members and friends and they are the biggest supporters and critics of my work.

I am very lucky to be surrounded by positive people.

Q: What do you do for a living?

I am a regular worker, dancer, silat exponent, a tutor for SPM students and many others. I love such activities as they colour my life’s journey and all these require my time. So, I don’t make videos every day.

Q: How do you get ideas to create new videos?

My approach is to dedicate one day a week for video production. So, this allows me to upload the video anytime for my followers’ update despite my tight schedule. Shooting location is mostly done at home while the idea is usually generated from my daily interaction with people. I get along with all ages, including children and senior citizens.


Q: What inspires you during recording?

My ideas and inspiration for my video story are diverse, according to the current situation. When I mingle with people around me, they give me positive vibes that allow me to empathise with characters in my acting. It is through the video that I am able to share and learn lessons from my life’s journey with my fans.

Q: Are the costumes, wig, make-up, etc, yours?

Materials such as scarves and wig are donated by my friends, but some are mine. There are also some which I receive from generous Malaysian celebrities who said they were entertained by my videos.

Q: What are the characters created in your videos?

I have lots of characters which are portrayed in my videos, such as Mak Tanggang, Juruwang, Yoyo, Siti Ngek, Gadis Syaitan and many more.

Q: Who is your idol (local & international) and why?

Siti Nurhaliza, as she has never been involved in any controversy, and she is very passionate about her career. I always listen to her songs since I was young and my favourite song is ‘Jawapan Di Persimpangan’. On the international level, it is too much but if I have to mention a name, it would be Johny Deep. He is 53 yet still cool and looks young and handsome as always.

Q: What are some of your life’s challenges?

So many challenges that I have faced in my life that make me who I am today. I don’t regret or despair, but will continue to rise to the challenges for self-development. The bonus for me now is to share what I have been through with the community.


Q: Best moments in your life (before or after becoming Insta-famous).

Sweet memories? Hahaha too much to share here. What can I say is everything that I have done, I have performed my best. After being recognised, my memorable moments are whenever you’re out there, there must be some people who would walk up to you and say they know me through the social media. I’m not obsessed with popularity but what is sweet is when they thank me for giving an impact on the community. This is when I feel that my talent is appreciated and make me think aloud, “I’m somebody indeed.”

Q: What are your future plans?

I want to live positively like a magnet that can attract positive vibes into our lifestyle. InsyaAllah.

Q: Where and how do fans get your t-shirt?

NgekTsai Army T-Shirt – both short and long – is available in six colours. Those interested can contact Siti Petom, 010-8960850.

Q: Your advice especially to youngsters

My advice to them if they want to do something, make sure priority should be given to quality, not quantity. Do things that you do best. Being young is tough and wave the negative thinking into a productive product.

Q: What Is your life’s inspiration?

My life’s inspiration is my family, friends, community and also myself. I love to observe and enjoy sharing my experiences and real life situations with the public. This way, I become well-prepared when I face similar situations.

Q: Your last word

My special thanks to my friends especially to my family members and NgekTsai Army who have made me feel appreciated. Continue to support and do follow me on Instagram and Facebook, NgekTsai Army.


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