First Aid comes first

Voong (fourth right) and Lau (right) with other participants of the ‘A First Aider in Every Home’.

Voong (fourth right) and Lau (right) with other participants of the ‘A First Aider in Every Home’.

One can never underestimate the importance of being equipped with basic first aid knowledge. Being able to respond effectively in emergency situations could  save your life and of your loved ones.

First aid training will help better prepare you for situations like heart attacks, bleeding, choking, poisoning, electrocution, spinal injuries, eye injuries as well as scalds and burns.

“The awareness on the importance of first aid has been increasing tremendously over the years as people have come to realise that the knowledge to provide initial treatment and prevent deterioration of health during emergencies is crucial as we will never know when accidents can happen,” said Malaysian Red Crescent Kuching Chapter honorary secretary Ng Liang Yew.

Ng (middle) with Benih Parents co-founders Lam (left) and Sharon Tan (right).

Ng (middle) with Benih Parents co-founders Lam (left) and Sharon Tan (right).

“There are also many cases where people were so appreciative of the fact that they knew the basics of first aid, thus enabling them to save lives.”

Ng added that MRC Kuching Chapter was appreciative of people willing to help and take up several courses on first aid knowledge they organise.

“We have been promoting the importance of first aid over the years, including encouraging the public to acquire their own first aid kit and acquire basic first aid skills and knowledge at every home.

“We have also conducted first aid courses at several companies and organisations to enhance people knowledge on first aid and update them with more information from time to time. We are not teaching them to become doctors but to provide first aid treatment to prevent further health complications,” he added.

Participants engaging with an activity held during the course.

Participants engaging with an activity held during the course.

Ng said that people in Sarawak were always keen to help others whenever needed.

“Although I can see that people are getting even busier throughout the years, they are still determined to learn and acquire the necessary skills to help others in need as such for first aid.

“The knowledge on first aid is like one carrying an umbrella. You never know when it will rain and likewise you will never know when accidents going to happen and when it does you will know what to do,” said Ng.

Ng was met during a recent workshop entitled ‘A First Aider in Every Home’ organised by MRC Kuching Chapter in collaboration with Benih Parents.

Held at MRC HQ here, the three-hour workshop, from 9am to 12pm, had 10 participants comprising mothers and kindergarten teachers.

Participants were taught first aid in various areas including wounds and bleeding, fracture and muscle injuries, burns, poisoning and sudden illness.

Ng Liang Yew.

Ng Liang Yew.

It aims at preparing one person in every household as a first-aider and especially so for those with children so that the family has more peace of mind.

A participant, Elizabeth Voong Ai Lin said that the workshop was rewarding for her.

Elizabeth Voong Ai Lin.

Elizabeth Voong Ai Lin.

“I was an athlete during my high school years and used to get all kinds of injuries. The basic skills that I have learned in first aid actually helped me a lot. It is a precaution for health and safety for you and for others.

“First aid is important in case you need to help people when there are no other qualified people around…at least when you know the basics of first aid, you can help other people in need,” said the former member of Kuching Red Crescent Society.

For Tina Lau Kor Ting, the unexpected and uncertainties of accidents happening primarily made her interested in taking part in the workshop.

Tina Lau Kor Ting,

Tina Lau Kor Ting.

“If something happens to my family, especially my children, I will know what to do to prevent further unwanted health complications. Let’s say if my children swallowed something and choke I will not panic as I will know what can I do to help before the ambulance arrives for proper treatment.

While first aid procedures are available to watch online, Tina preferred to learn through hands-on experience.

This was Tina’s first time attending the course and she encourages more people to come and learn.

“I will propose to initiate such courses at my workplace to enhance our staffs’ knowledge on first aid,” added the Integrated Design Consultant (IDC) senior architect.

Ng added that the basic of first aid procedure includes reducing the suffering of victims.

“There are various techniques that you can apply to reduce pain and maintain consciousness of a victim every time accident occurred. It is very important to ensure the victim is conscious at all times and calm them down because when they are calm, God willing every further treatment needed to take place will go on smoothly,” he said.

He reminded the public to always ensure that they have their own first aid kit at home and workplace.

“First aid kits vary depending on how advanced the family wants it to be and what types of sicknesses they will be for.

“To learn what you need, you should go to any pharmaceutical company and tell them that you need first aid kit for your house and they will guide and provide you with their expertise. Some workplaces also requires different type of first aid kits.

“I also wish to encourage those who have first aid kits to always check their equipment every six months or a year to ensure everything is in order and can still be used. Keep in proper places to ensure it can easily be reached anytime needed,” he added.

Ng added that any organisations or associations that are looking to train their staff or members in first aid can contact them at their convenient time.

“Over the years we can see that more people among the local community are aware of the importance of first aid skills into ensuring their own safety and save other lives.

“To further enhance their knowledge, we also encourage any organisations or associations to approach us if they ever need our assistance especially in organising first aid workshops and related programmes. We welcome all with open hands and willing hearts,” he added.

The second part of the course will take place at the same time on Jan 21. The fees are RM100 per person and will include refreshments and training materials.

Those who are interested to participate, contact 012-2382967 (Patsy) or 012-2381124 (Sharon).

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