Miss Kaya Launches Robo-advisor for Women in Asia and Plans Comprehensive Financial Services


Miss Kaya strives to simplify and demystify money management.

Miss Kaya is the first licensed roboadvisor in Singapore, with Marvelstone Capital as its fund management company. Currently available to high net worth individuals, the plan is to be accessible to retail investors in the near term.

Women tend to avoid managing their finances or investing often. However, women have the money and skills to be successful investors. It is just that the financial services and tools available in Asia are often complicated and difficult to comprehend in general.

“The jargon, financial lingo, analogies, and more, all are designed to be relevant to those already familiar with finances,” said Gina Heng, the founder of Miss Kaya. “This makes it daunting for the modern woman to feel confident with their personal finances or feel eager to invest.”

That’s why the ex-hedge fund manager/entrepreneur Gina Heng decided to develop an educational fintech platform suited to the needs of women.

Miss Kaya, also the first women-focused financial platform in Asia, serves to empower women to achieve longer-term financial goals, and allows them to pursue their dreams.

Once women are more aware of the financial implications they are faced with, Miss Kaya will take them through the next step via effective budgeting tools and even an e-wallet with a Miss Kaya debit card, all of which will help them transact seamlessly and remain financially responsible.

Miss Kaya‘s strategies and layout are unique and stand apart from the other digital platforms in Asia. For example, women tend to live longer and face different lifestyle costs, affecting the way the investment algorithms will perform.

Also, from a customer-standpoint, Miss Kaya‘s open approach is distinctive and the interface feels modern.

Miss Kaya takes into account the customer’s goals, risk appetite and profile information, and then develops a unique portfolio along with a specific timeline and suggested recurring contributions.

The customer can take these suggestions into account and modify as she feels fit, and Miss Kaya then reassesses the outcomes.

It plans to achieve this benchmark through its quantitative strategies developed through Ms. Heng’s years of experience in investment management.

Miss Kaya not only wants to help women in making successful decisions in investing,” said Ms. Heng, “but also achieve confidence in managing their own finances and ultimately reaching their life goals.”

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