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Kuching Heritage Race is back!

A great opportunity to explore the hidden gems in the city and enjoy a fun day out, Kuching Heritage Race is returning for its second year on January 14th with a new route, new challenges and three new causes.

According to the organising chairperson for the event Philip Yong, the event aims at showcasing Sarawak’s heritage in fun way that is accessible and meaningful to all participants.

“Our heritage is the story of our growth as a community and we need to keep that close to us and make it a part of our daily lives. Through this race, we want to bring our heritage alive for the participants – not just our spaces and places but also our practices and traditions – so that we can enjoy it as part of the modern world,” he said.

“This is why the charitable aspects of the race are so important; to make the link between our heritage and our modern day communities and to involve our modern day communities in the upkeep of the heritage sites. All this makes our journey all the more meaningful.”

In addition to providing an enjoyable day out learning about Kuching’s heritage, the race will support three local charities; the Ten Ringgit Club, Heart Treasures and Friends of Sarawak Museum.

The Ten Ringgit club supports the manufacture of traditional crafts to provide income for the current generation and a future for the next. Based in Miri, the registered charity has a dedicated team of weavers who create a range of bags that blend traditional techniques with modern, durable materials.

All the proceeds from the sale of the bags is used in their primary project – a school for disadvantaged and marginalized children in the Miri area.

In addition to the money raised from the sale of the bags, the school will also receive a cash donation from the proceeds of the Kuching Heritage Race.

Heart Treasures Sdn. Bhd. is a local charity that subscribes to the 3R concept (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce) while making handicrafts and reusable items. The creation of the handicrafts is part of the motor skills development and occupational therapy and also provides an income stream for the charity.

In addition to encouraging environmental sustainability throughout our society, money raised by the charity is used to assist persons with special needs.

Besides the Ten Ringgit Club and Heart Treasure, the proceed will also go to support the Friends of Sarawak Museum (FoSM) for the restoration of the Segu Bangalow project.

Originally built by Rajah Charles Brooke on Sungai Segu, it was relocated to its current site on Park Lane in 1949.

A self-funded NGO, FoSM is dedicated in involving the community in the work of Sarawak Museum. It aims at raising awareness about Sarawak cultural heritage and will be working with the Sarawak Museum Department on the project to restore and maintain Segu Bungalow.

The proceeds from the race will go towards upkeep of the building and creating a community space in its current annex where lectures and talks by the Society will be held.

With the theme ‘Our communities-from the past to the present and into the future’, this year’s race follows a new route that showcase the diverse communities that live together in Kuching, taking in the city councils with both the mayors; Dato James Chan and Datuk Abang Abdul Wahap Abang Julai lending their support.

This year, the organizing committee will also get their sponsors involved with the collective artworks. To commemorate the race, Kuching Heritage Race is creating a new piece of collective artwork.

A single image that represent Sarawak heritage has been selected and divided into 80 individual parts. These image parts has been priced at RM500 each and potential sponsors- corporate, individual or otherwise- can purchase one or more of the 80 parts. Their task is then to paint their section of the image onto the square, without seeing the whole.

The paints for the sponsorship drive are donated by Murabond paints and sponsors will be able to head down to their store at Jalan Padungan to paint together.

The final result will be will be an abstract representation, combining the individual contributions of all the sponsors which are Borneo Adventure SB, Saradise SB, Sarawak Tourism Board, Sarawak Convention Bureau into a collective image that will be displayed following the race.

“We wanted our sponsors more involved in the process. While it is wonderful to donate, we wanted them to be an integral part of the process this year and we also wanted a permanent reminder of the race itself and also of their generosity,” said Yong.

Organised for the second time, the first Kuching Heritage Race took place in January 14th this year with 156 participants and has raised RM20, 000 for the ‘Meeting Needs’, providing customized wheelchairs and equipment for the disabled.

The race is open to all ages in teams of two to six for a participation fee of RM60 per person with cash prizes for winners in various categories as well as the chance to give back to some of Sarawak’s most deserving causes.

Each Heritage Race participant will receive a goody bag made by the weavers from the Ten Ringgit Club.

For registration and for more information about the race, check out their website at or their official Facebook page at


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