The 4 Biggest Mistakes We Make When Setting New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, new me! We start our year with so much enthusiasm and a gung-ho attitude to finally begin achieving our cherished dreams and goals.

We list down our resolutions with fresh hope to improve ourselves, but just as quickly, abandon them eventually. Ever wondered why this happens? No, you’re not too busy or too weak, you’re just not planning it properly!

Here’s how to avoid the four biggest resolution missteps.

1. You’re not being specific with your goals

One of the biggest mistakes most of us make when listing down our goals is being too vague with our resolutions.

Remember, this is not a “To-do List” or a bucket list. Our goals have to be measurable in some way. How many of us make goals such as “losing weight” or “getting fit” for 2017?

It is best to think through all your aims and be more specific with the details, including numerical benchmarks. Instead of saying “I want to lose weight”, why not say “I want to lose 3kg by March 2017” and draw out a workout plan for each week so that it is easier for you to stick to the plan?

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2. You have unrealistic goals

We would all love to be the boss of our own startup, buy a round trip ticket to travel the world, or become a really popular influencer.

However, when our goals are unrealistic, we are only setting ourselves up for disappointment. Instead, focus on the aspect of the goal you are capable of executing for the year and remove the impractical aspect of the resolution.

Rather than writing down something unrealistic such as quitting your job to backpack through Europe, why not start by saving a portion of your salary every month for your own little travel fund?

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3. You’re Setting Too Many Goals

It can be easy to go overboard with your resolution-making.

If you wake up on January 1st with too many goals such as learning to play the guitar, taking part in a 10km run, losing 20 kilos, and climbing Mount Kinabalu, the likelihood of not achieving at least one of them, is pretty high.

Despite the temptation to use New Year’s as an inspiration to move forward and achieve your dreams, it would be wiser to focus on one or two big goals, and not become sidetracked by too many targets.

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4. Tell the World!

Don’t keep your resolutions to yourself, share it with the world!

Sharing your goals for the year not only increases the accountability for the goal and encourages you to stick to the resolution, it can also be a motivational boost to prove your naysayers wrong.

On top of that, informing your close friends and family on your intention also brings in unexpected support. Let’s say your resolution for 2017 is to make the leap from an amateur photographer to a full time professional photographer; telling the people around you about this dream could help you gain some photoshoot opportunities that could help strengthen your portfolio.

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