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Over 3,300 overseas talents from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and Commonwealth of Independent States, with PhD holders accounting for 65 percent.

Over 3,300 overseas talents from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and Commonwealth of Independent States, with PhD holders accounting for 65 percent.

GUANGZHOU: The 2016 Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents in China and the 18th Guangzhou Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology were held from Dec 21 to Dec 22 at Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center.

With “Pooling Talents, Realizing Dreams and Creating a Future” as the theme and “Orienting towards the World and Serving China” as the purpose, this year’s convention is committed to attracting overseas talents and high-level projects to suit Chinese cities’ needs to develop economy, strengthen efficient exchange and communication between suppliers and requisitioning parties and enhance the cooperation between talents and projects.

It was learned from the press conference of the achievements of the 2016 Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents in China that this year’s convention had successfully held a series of activities in an atmosphere of innovation and pragmatism.

The communication between talents and projects has reached a record-high level.

Blazing new trails in a pioneering spirit, the overall scale of the 2016 convention was greater than the previous ones.

In recent years, with the continued improvement of the influence of China’s economy in the world, China has become an important choice destination for overseas talents to start businesses and seek opportunities for development.

The promotion of Belt and Road Initiative offered new opportunities for the growth of overseas talents. Against such a backdrop, the Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology has been renamed to Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents in China.

Previously, the convention was for overseas Chinese scholars, but now it has been for overseas talents all around the world and has realized “Four Firsts”: First, it is not limited to a specific country or region but it is a convention on exchange of overseas talents in China that embraces to the whole world with the highest level and largest scale.

Second, the attendees of the convention are not limited to overseas Chinese scholars but include high-level foreign talents, talents from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and outstanding Chinese and overseas Chinese.

Three, Overseas branch fields were established to interconnect.

Fourth, “Internet+CEOTC” mode set up a connected platform for customized classification to highlight serving China‘s strategy and adapt to the new trend of world economic integration. According to the supply scale of talent project, all participating exhibitors’ strength and the effect of implementing communication and exchange exceeds previous ones.

This year’s convention attracted over 3,300 overseas talents from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and Commonwealth of Independent States, with PhD holders accounting for 65 per cent and talents with the ambitions to start businesses for 70 per cent.

These talents brought a total of more than 1,000 science and technology development projects to the convention which attracted over 20 well-known experts and academicians from home and abroad.

The overseas scholars are mainly engaged in disciplines and fields including biomedicine, smart making, electronic information, new materials, new energy, environmental protection, management and finance.

Some of the projects represented the advanced development of the world’s technology and filled in some blanks for China’s technology.

17,000 jobs were offered at the convention by 173 government delegations and 193 institutes of higher learning and academies of scientific research from four municipalities directly under the Central Government and 29 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, which demonstrated the whole nation’s determination and ambition of attracting and introducing talents.

During the two-day convention, the number of the attendees reached a record high of more than 49,000.

Tailor-made recruitment for talents demanded urgently for economic and social development.

To strengthen the effectiveness of brain gain, the convention integrated its online and offline resources and tailored six special recruitment events for overseas talents at different levels, from the perspectives of different groups, regions and professions.

Companies joining in the recruitment covered various fields, such as energy, biology, medicine, IT, finance, automobile, etc. One could find some famous enterprises, including Alibaba Group, Walmart, Midea, Wanda Group, Toshiba, China Mobile, China Unicom, GAP Group, China Merchants Bank, HSBC, Country Garden, etc.

The main venue and the six special areas for the World 500 Fortune and Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster Area, etc. attracted over 2,200 overseas talents. The whole event involved 161 corporations, provided 1,641 jobs and received nearly 1,800 job applications.

This year, the convention adopted video recruitment for the first time, with Guangzhou being the main venue and Singapore and Australia being the branch venues. The video recruitment attracted over 100 overseas talents from Singapore, Australia, UK, Hong Kong and Macao, 75% of which own doctor degrees. The person-post matching degree surpassed 85%.

In addition, the convention applied an O2O individual mobile platform. The overseas talents can send job applications to their intended firms and make on-site job interview appointments through scanning the QR code of the convention by phone.

335 recruiters released almost ten thousand pieces of job news online and the total page views at PC and mobile terminals were more than 128 thousand, receiving as many as 32 thousand times of job intentions.

Precise docking to improve transformation mechanism of talent projects’ outcomes.

Major projects were successfully implemented.

During the convention, Guangzhou Municipal Government and RAS signed an agreement on scientific and technological cooperation; 11 projects, including the smart platform research on the automobile market demand and competition in China, are promoted to be tentatively located in Guangzhou Economic & Technological Development District, involving numerous fields like medicine, 3D printing, platform development, credit evaluation, etc.

The proposed investment amounted to about 500 million.

Over 20 scholars of the “Thousand Talents Plan” are willing to be settled in Guangzhou. According to an incomplete survey, there were 13,528 times of matching, with the result of 1,306 projects intended for contract. Communications and exchanges for the districts of Guangzhou happened nearly 2,500 times, resulting in 80 projects intended for contract.

The supporting facilities were further improved.

In terms of venue, Haichuang Technological Park at Guangzhou Economic & Technological Development District was set as the “Pilot Park of Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents”, involving investment of 1.5 billion RMB.

Regarding policy encouragement, it is promoting the Implementation Opinions on “Kapok Plan” of Guangzhou to Encourage Overseas Talents to Start Business in Guangzhou. As to financial support, it utilized market forces to provide investing and financing support of 15 million RMB in 3 years for projects contracted during the convention.

Focusing on development and highlighting the professionalism of the forums, 51 forums, discussions, annual promotions, etc. took place during the convention, covering hot topics such as macro-economy, politics and current news, entrepreneurship and innovation, “internet +”, social welfare, etc.

The activities focused on a number of fields, including entrepreneurship and innovation, supply side structure reform, innovation driven, the strategic and advanced science and technology of the “One Belt and One Road” initiative, advanced manufacturing, emerging industry, etc.

The convention was honored by the presence of several high-level overseas experts from such developed areas as Europe, America, Japan, etc. and countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, including Sune Svanberg …Ante Glibota…. The participation and exchanges of these experts greatly improved professionalism of the convention.

Getting close to the forefront of science and technology and demonstrating a development trend in the future.

Covering an exhibition area of 23,000 square meters, the convention was involved in the new generation of information technology, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, energy saving and environmental protection and other fields. When the organizers of the convention recruited exhibitors, booths were always in short supply.

The result of the exhibition of “Thousand Talents Program” demonstrated “Thousand Talents Program” experts’ achievements of more than 300 cutting-edge technology projects.

Dr. Pan Jianwei, the chief scientist of Chinese Academy of Sciences Quantum Science Experiment Satellite Pilot Project, debuted scene with his “Mozi” Model.

Gan Zhongxue demonstrated his design of “Wang Yangming simulation robot” in displaying calligraphy and imitating the user’s handwriting.

“New Era • New Vision – VR / AR Experience Pavilion” demonstrated the new products and research results in the VR / AR field, which can be applied to education, medical treatment, real estate, urban planning, art and design, social contact and other fields

Liwan District Guangzhou demonstrated Graphene Touching Wall which made use of the new materials technology of Graphene and was integrated with laser holographic projection technology to change a static mural into dynamic animation.

Dr. Caiwei, the world-renowned expert of new energy vehicle motors, demonstrated a new energy motor system.

Building “The Never Ending Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents in China

To start the information system construction of the Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents in China: The connection and communication between overseas talent projects and venture capital institutions, domestic enterprises, and startup parks will be achieved to collect, manage and use the information of overseas talents.

To implement “Internet+CEOTC”: Online recruitment, project roadshow and other functional modules shall be developed to exchange all-around demands from online platform and offline opportunities.

To interact among 4 places around the world: First, 3 overseas branch fields will be established in the United States, Australia and Singapore to implement online project roadshow and overseas talent recruitment and the event will be shared at 4 places.

To open up the mobile terminal system: The website of the convention will be seamlessly connected with the WeChat platform to facilitate talent registration and reduce data printing volume.

“Come to Guangzhou, Do entrepreneurship and Make innovation”

As the host of the convention, Guangzhou will adhere to the purpose of “Orienting towards the World and Serving China” and actively provide a service platform to participating exhibitors from nearby provinces. Meanwhile, Guangzhou will continue to build a good platform for overseas talents to create innovation and entrepreneurship.

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