Sri Lanka’s health tourism seeks for support

According to Export Development Board representatives, the country is searching for international medical tourism certification to boost the activity of health and wellness providers.

 As stated by the officials, the medical industry in Sri Lanka needs to be regulated by proper legislation. In order to achieve desired results, the EDB has appointed The Medical Travel Quality Alliance in Thailand to evaluate medical tourism services in the Indian Ocean country.

Hospitals, clinics, Ayurvedic facilities, hotels and Spas will be assessed for quality standards and awarded international certification if complying with the imposed regulations.

As declared Julie Munro, the President of MTQUA, “medical tourism certification is awarded to a hospital, clinic or medical tourism agency that meets the international standard of quality in 10 areas that directly impact a medical tourist’s wellbeing and good results.

“Medical tourists are travelling to get better, not to get frustrated, or cheated, they need extra care, services and consideration, and trust their hospital or agent to deliver health services.”

One of the first health care providers in the country to receive international medical tourism certification was Lanka Hospitals, after undergoing a several months long evaluation and review regarding clinical areas with direct effects on the patient’s wellness.

– Source: Travel Wires

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