Super Mario Run… on your iPhone!



Mario has just gotten a major upgrade – he’s now available on your mobile devices!

Nintendo has finally decided to bring one of their most beloved characters back as a game on the main devices of today; smartphones and tablets. One of the contributing factors to this decision may have been due to the success of Pokemon Go, which proved a love for old-school games and its nostalgia in our current generation.

Super Mario Run is an auto-running side-scroller, with a single-touch jump feature.

When asked about it on Wired, creator Shigeru Miyamoto had this to say:

“When you look at videos of super players who are very good Super Mario Bros. players, they tend to run all the way through the course without ever stopping. Our feeling was that by having this iPhone game in which Mario runs automatically and all you do is jump, we would actually have quite a bit of leeway to be able to create something that’s simple and easy for anyone to play, but still has some of that challenge and skill that super players desire.”

Wired goes on to add that inexperienced Mario players often inch forward timidly. By forcing them to hustle along, Miyamoto hopes even beginners enjoy the feeling of an exhilarating speedrun with some wicked maneuvers.

“We had the idea of layering in the ability to do different styles of jump, but having those styles of jump be controlled not through a combination of controls but through special blocks that enable Mario to do special jumps at certain times in the level,” he says.

By taking that approach, it would give even beginner players an opportunity to get a taste for what’s fun about the more skilled style of Mario play.”

Another thing that’s new is that players will have to be connected to the internet in order to play the game. This enables friends to compete with one another, and also acts as a means to limit piracy.

However, Piers Harding-Rolls from the IHS Technology consultancy as reported by BBC is of the opinion that it may be a “misstep”.

“Some demographics will be wanting to use this as they commute and we know that the coverage in some markets is relatively patchy,” he said. “Not having offline capability to play will also be an issue for kids travelling in cars.”

While the available gameplay videos of the game makes it look extremely fun, its price of USD9.99 seems to be putting a few players off the game, especially in such a competitive game market.

After completing the first world in the game, it will ask for a one-time purchase of USD9.99 to unlock the rest of its worlds and modes, which consists of World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder.

It’s currently only available on iOS devices, but the release for Android is said to be sometime in 2017.

For more information, Polygon’s current FAQ of the game is proving to be the best so far out there, but let us know what you think!

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