SFC removed crocodile from mill oxidation pond

SFC personnel measuring the crocodile.

SFC personnel measuring the crocodile.

BINTULU: The Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) of Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) Bintulu was called on to remove a 1.7-metre female crocodile from the oxidation pond of an oil palm mill at Bintulu-Miri Road yesterday (Dec 13) afternoon.

According to SFC, the workers of the mill had earlier set up a baited cage trap at the oxidation pond to catch the croc that had apparently strayed into it.

“When the croc took the bait and was trapped yesterday (Dec 13), SFC Bintulu was immediately informed and subsequently our SWAT was dispatched to remove the crocodile.

“The crocodile weighing about 20 kg had been transferred to the Benaya Crocodile Farm in Miri this morning (Dec 14),” said SFC in a press release today.

SFC thanked the management of the mill for assisting in the capture of the crocodile.

“However, members of the public are reminded to notify the nearest Forest Department or SFC offices of crocodile sightings in their areas and not take matters into their own hands as these reptiles are vicious and dangerous,” it added.

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