SFC uncovers extreme camouflage measures taken up by illegal loggers

Log pile hidden beneath this embankment.

Log pile hidden beneath this embankment.

BINTULU: Illegal loggers in Sarawak have resorted to extreme measures to hide their ill-gotten loot as evidenced in a recent Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) enforcement operation here that exposed some of these measures.

“After spotting an unusual opening at Mile 24, Bintulu-Miri Road, our enforcement team from Bintulu Regional Office and OSCC (One-Stop Compliance Centre) Tubau conducted a search and found 52 logs believed to be illegal due to the absence of property marks on the logs.

“An extended search of the area uncovered four more piles of logs buried in the ground or camouflaged with tree branches and leaves. So far, more than 48.6 cubic metres (m3) of illegal logs have been uncovered by this operation,” said SFC in a press release on Dec 10.

SFC added that the illegal logs appeared to have been extracted from the Bintulu Water Catchment area and were of various sizes and species including Meranti, Resak, Medang, Kapur, Nyatoh and other MLH (Mixed Light Hardwood) species.

A report was lodged to the Bintulu Police Station on the same day. The case has been handed over to the relevant authority for further investigation and disposal.

SFC enforcers digging up the buried logs.

SFC enforcers digging up the buried logs.

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