SonaOne’s top five things to do with bros in Hong Kong  

The festive holiday season is upon us! There is no better time than now to finally sit back, relax and experience all the “good tidings of comfort and joy”.

What better way to do it than rounding up your wolf pack for some rejuvenation before heading back to work?

One of the world’s perfect island paradises, Hong Kong offers an accessible escapade that will help you reconnect with people and things that matter in life.

Malaysian award-winning rapper, SonaOne who is starring in KIX HD’s new reality TV series – The Ultimate BROcation reveals his top five things (starting from number 5) to do with his bros in Hong Kong. Read on and get some inspiration for your own brocation!

  1. Rejuvenate the tired mind and soul with a foot massage


One of the remedies to being completely relaxed is to schedule in some “down time” and to engage in soothing experiences such as a spa or a massage. Not only will it help you to forget the daily anxieties and stress, a relaxing spa or massage supports healing, boosts energy and enhances the overall well-being.

SonaOne: “A therapeutic foot steam spa is the best way to pamper yourself and it surely sheds away fatigue in your body. Then, you’re good to go for another round of shopping! ”

  1. Soak up the beautiful view of Hong Kong city on a tram ride


Explore the bustling north corridor of Hong Kong Island as you take a step back in time when you board one of the city’s historic trams. These double-decker streetcars have been travelling through Hong Kong’s busiest thoroughfares since 1904 and continue to be an affordable, inexpensive and fun way to get around.

SonaOne: “Riding on the tram is a visual experience in its own right and it was definitely one of my favourite memories of this city. The five of us also bonded through that experience and it was just unforgettable.”

  1. Capture that perfect #wefie with sophisticated street art as backdrop    


Hong Kong is a melting pot of art, class and style. You never know when you will next be dazzled by a new corner you hadn’t noticed before.

Seize the moment by capturing your BROcation memories with truly inspired street art pieces as your backdrop that can be found throughout the city – especially in Sham Shui Po, Sheung Wan and Stanley Market where Hong Kong’s annual street art festival, HKwalls took place.

SonaOne: “Some of the best street art can be found in Hong Kong and it’s always fascinating for me to check out graffiti by artist as I am also a fan of the art.”

  1. Indulge in delicious food for the soul


Nothing is more satisfying than good nourishment for the body that revigorates you. Where do you even begin when it comes to food in Hong Kong? It is a metropolis known for being a melting pot of culture, perfectly reflected in the array of food selections offered.

From hawker foods to Michelin star awarded restaurants – the island has everything a food lover could ever wish for. Best of all, there are good selections of local halal delicacies offered for the Muslims as well. Be sure to check out the Islamic Centre Canteen in Wan Chai to get your share of delicious Halal dim sums.

SonaOne: “I really like the local Halal dim sums in Hong Kong and this is definitely a must try for any visitor. To my surprise, Hong Kong actually has so many Halal certified restaurants and I had no qualms looking for Halal food.”

  1. Set your mind free off the beaten path of the city in the Southern District


Looking for a place that is a great chill out to unwind? In Hong Kong’s beautiful Southern District, lies steep mountain trails, country parks and beaches that can provide you with a tranquil escape.

Take some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city by visiting the Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir or head to the secluded Turtle Cove Beach for a truly laid-back afternoon in the sun with your bros.

SonaOne: “I really appreciate the southern part of Hong Kong where I can enjoy the outdoors, seaside and the islands. Best of all, it is easily accessible via public transport!”

SonaOne’s exciting adventure with the bros on The Ultimate BROcation is set to premier on 14 December 2016 at 9PM, only on KIX HD (Astro Ch. 729). Malaysians who are looking for some inspiration to organise their very own BROcation or seek travel ideas for the year-end holiday, should look forward to watching this series. Viewers will also stand a chance to win an exclusive trip to Hong Kong for their own BROcation!

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