opens a world of opportunity for nomad workers opens up a world of opportunity to nomad workers, charging a flat monthly fee and taking care of travel logistics, living arrangements and remote workspaces, as they work and travel in up to twelve countries over twelve months.

HOUSTON, TEXAS – With more and more people turning to self-employment, freelancing or remote working, the “latte & laptop lifestyle” is something witnessed daily in most local coffee shops.

While this has seemingly become the norm, Houston-based company, The Pangean Group, LLC, has set out to offer a tantalizing alternative, giving those who work independently the chance to see the world at a competitive price, while still managing their commitments.

Ahead of what is expected to be a busy 2017, The Pangean Group has positioned their pricing, beating off competition such as RemoteYear, We Roam, and The Remote Experience. They are offering this once-in-a-lifetime experience for less than $20k per year instead of the more typical $27k per year cost.

Lawrence Kalinov, Founder of Pangea196, said: “While we are still providing a premium service similar to our competitors, our ultimate goal is to make work and travel accessible to everyone who desires that lifestyle, and our pricing reflects that.”

In addition to living the good life, embracing new cultures and making lifelong friends and connections, the experience offers a cheaper monthly cost of living than is found in basic comparisons across New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston or Chicago.

Twelve locations for 2017 have been confirmed, with Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Japan all set to provide spectacular “office” locations.

The Pangean Group has also announced it is to add four-month and eight-month packages, giving those not able to commit to a whole year, the chance to experience this exciting opportunity.

Those interested in applying, should do so via Participants will be selected based on a wide variety of criteria to ensure an amazing experience for all involved.

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