New Year low fares to celebrate PSC equalisation

SEPANG: To celebrate the new year and in anticipation of the equalisation of the Passenger Service Charge (PSC) beginning January 1 next year, Malaysia Airlines will be introducing a big sales campaign for travel to and around the ASEAN region.

According to a press release posted on its website yesterday (Dec 5), the equalization of the PSC will see a reduction of some RM35 (USD$ 8.33) per passenger for ASEAN passengers at KLIA.

The savings will be passed on to passengers traveling with the airlines and has already had an even better impact than expected with tremendous group bookings from the ASEAN region spiking by almost 400%.

“This will be a great boost for the airline and for Malaysian tourism in general,” reads the press release.

Malaysia Airlines Berhad Group chief executive officer Peter Bellew said, “Our aim is to be the airline of choice to travel to, from and around Malaysia and ASEAN. With the revised passenger service charges, we’re able to bring people together with our competitive fares. This means a lot to us and we could have not done it without the support of MAVCOM, the Minister of Transport and of course our customers. In the spirit of the season of giving we would like to share the good news with all our loyal passengers.”

The sale period, which starts on January 1 next year will offer fares from as low as RM99 for domestic and ASEAN travels. Malaysia Airlines’ fares come all-inclusive with meals and baggage allowance and no credit card charges. This is for the travel period beginning January 1 2017.

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