New visa policy for tourists visiting Bahrain

By Laura Parvan


The fourth phase of the new visa regime for travellers entering Bahrain including two more visa types has been recently launched.

A new single entry visa allowing up to two weeks stay and one-year multiple re-entry e-visa enabling an up to 90 days stay have been introduced with the latest entry regulations on visiting the Persian Gulf nation. The new rules apply for 114 countries.

Moreover, citizens applying for the three month multiple re-entry visa can now spend one uninterrupted month in Bahrain, instead of two weeks as stipulated by the previous regulations.

Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, the country’s undersecretary of nationality, passport and residence affairs commented on the latest regulations:

“This new round of visa announcements represents another step for Bahrain’s commitment to openness. We have taken great strides in recent years in making the country even more accessible, helping both leisure and business tourists. These developments further aid Bahrain’s standing as a regional hub, which is why so many tourists and businesses are looking to the country as the ideal Middle East destination.”

Finally, USA, Canada, UK and Ireland citizens will be allowed to stay for 90 instead of 30 days in the case of them choosing the five-year multiple re-entry visa, as last year only, the Middle Eastern nation has registered 651.509 visitors from these countries. – Source:

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