Approximately 7 in 10 travellers in Malaysia are not sure of their rights as air passengers

A survey conducted by the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) amongst air travellers in Malaysia earlier this year revealed that 69% of respondents have a misconception of what their rights entail versus what their rights actually are.

Many were also under the incorrect assumption that the terms and conditions set by aviation providers is a representation of their ‘rights’, said Pushpalatha Subramaniam, Director of Consumer Affairs, MAVCOM.

MAVCOM is a regulatory body tasked to regulate economic and commercial matters related to civil aviation in Malaysia.

Based on the survey, these air travellers also shared that flight delays and cancellations, lost baggage, and additional charges added onto their air tickets were amongst the most common issues faced during air travel. Have you encountered any of these issues? Do you know exactly what to do? What are your rights as an air passenger?

In light of this issue, MAVCOM introduced the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code 2016 (MACPC / Code) on July 1 this year.

This Code provides consumers with information of their rights as air travellers and how to exercise them.

With the Code in place, air travellers can rest assured that their rights are well covered under the national law. Some of the rights covered within the Code includes matters relating to flight delay and cancellations, denied boarding, disclosure of air fare, mishandled baggage, claims and compensation.

The Code also outlines how consumers can approach their airlines or airports when faced with issues during air travel. Airlines and airports are now required to provide a resolution to consumer complaints within 30 days.

You can learn more about your rights as an air traveller by watching this video at Travel with greater peace of mind before the start of your journey.

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