How different visual media can capture the process of creating pua kumbu

KUCHING: Friends of Sarawak Museum (FoSM) will hold a public talk entitled ‘Visual anthropology extended – polysensory intermedia exhibition’ at the Old Courthouse on Nov 13.

“This talk explains how an anthropologist uses different visual media to capture the knowledge and processes of creating the pua kumbu of Sarawak,” said FoSM in a press statement, adding that visual research has been a part of anthropology for as long as the discipline has existed.

The speaker is Dr Welyne Jeffrey Jehom, a senior lecturer at Department of Anthropology and Sociology at University of Malaya is an anthropologist who established a community-based enterprise for research purposes in an attempt to understand poverty and to address the challenges to confront poverty at the community level.

“She utilizes her research skills to mobilise the poor, especially rural women to realise their potential, and is committed to supporting communities to utilise natural resources and their knowledge to create sustainable cottage industries,” added FoSM.

Her community-based enterprise model has been chosen as Malaysian best practice by the European Project of Social and Solidarity Economy (SUSY – 2015 by Ressources Humaines Sans Frontieres (RHSF – France and this model has been shared in European countries at the grassroots level.

“A further outcome of her research is the curation of exhibitions that combine visual anthropology with polysensory intermedia to convey the experience of the transmission of indigenous knowledge,” it added.

Entrance to the talk to be delivered in English from 2.30pm to 4pm is free and no registration is needed.

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