AMD2016 to expand scope of creativity and innovation in arts

By Jude Toyat
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Masing (seated, middle) and Snowdan speaking at a press conference during the recent Dayak Music Awards (AMD) 2016.

Masing (seated, middle) and Snowdan (right) speaking at a press conference during the recent Dayak Music Awards (AMD) 2016.

KUCHING: The recent Dayak Music Awards (AMD) 2016 was a major success for Dayak Artistes and Musicians Association (Dama).

It was the key to the recognition of artists and arts professionals in the Dayak music industry, said Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Jemut Masing in a press conference of AMD 2016 at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) here recently.

“AMD is one of the activities supported by the state government through Dama in order to promote, uphold and give recognition to a higher level.

“I hope AMD 2016 will become a platform to artists and art professionals in sharing the stage of Dayak music and experience in addition to a healthy competition to improve the quality of songs produced in the future,” he explained.

He added that such opportunity needed to be taken advantage of to continue to fight for the rights and position in the artwork. Sarawak was rich in culture, customs, places of interest that can be highlighted in the form of recordings for public viewing ouside the state.

“Therefore, the state government will continue to support and are always open to working with record companies, organisations or NGOs including Dama and the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK) to fight the challenges that have become constraints to the development of the Dayak music industry in particular the existence of music piracy.

“In addition, the cooperation can be put into the music industry in the state and national level events option. Definitely AMD 2016, the only award ceremony to enthrone the best performance and artwork.

“Artists and employees need to be eager to fight in the field of arts as they stand to be judged by those who are concern for their quality of work and appreciate their artistic talent. This award can also expand the scope of creativity and innovation to boost the entertainment world turn into a lucrative industry.

“I call on all parties to support the noble efforts spearheaded by Snowdan Lawan and Dama towards the quality artwork,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dama president Snowdan Lawan said that this year, Dama would be continuing its effort to bring dignity to the Dayak music industry by featuring AMD 2016 to become the largest music event of the year and prestigious in Sarawak.

The Balai Ringin assemblyman also explained that the fourth edition of AMD has given focus on the quality of rating and recognition by giving awards to four categories: Best Album and Song, Best Vocal Performance, Best Song according to genre, Special Award and Popular Song.

“Overall, a total of 26 awards are offered to Dayak artists and art professionals but only 23 categories that were awarded on the grand finale night which involved 355 nominations.

“Dama is glad to have Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Jemut Masing here at the grand finale tonight symbolizing the continuous support from the state government in promoting the Dayak music industry. This is a cornerstone to Dama to continue our struggle to bring Dayak songs to a higher level,” he said.

He added that the increase in production, publishing Dayak albums and songs very significant in 2016, referring to production statistics hologram by KPDNKK, is relevant to the management of AMD 2016.

“This is a positive boost to the award and recognition by Dama is so strategic. Therefore, Dama highly appreciate the contribution and network with all parties to cooperate, especially the state government, the media, record labels, singers, presenters, professional juries, officials, sponsors and fans,” he added.

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