Kedey Kamek treats orphans to lunch

By Jude Toyat
[email protected]

Packing free lunch for the orphans.

Packing free lunch for the orphans.

Kedey Kamek treated 23 orphans from Baiturrahmah Hidayah Centre Ikram (BHCI) to a lunch at its restaurant here in Kuching as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme to help the less-fortunate.

The orphans were also served bowls of Sarawak Laksa, as the restaurant hopes to further promote the local delicacy.

“Nothing is more important to Malaysians than our food, and no other food is more dear to Sarawakians than Sarawak Laksa – our pride and joy,” said Kedey Kamek owner Amin Aznizan.

Kedey Kamek customers enjoying free laksa.

Kedey Kamek customers enjoying free laksa.

“Despite the problem of food wastage among Malaysians, there are still those less fortunate who have difficulty finding food to eat. Through this programme, we hope to set an example for fellow Malaysians to reduce their wastage and contribute to those in need to create a better society,” said Amin.

He pointed out that there are no boundaries on social media and most Malaysians like to snap pictures of their food for social media.

“So this is the best way that we can think of to show off Laksa Sarawak to the world.

“We aim to get as many people as possible to snap and post pictures of Sarawak Laksa to promote it as a popular dish on social media,” he added.

BHCI is located near Jalan Temenggong Haji Gobil here. It was established in 2014 to provide a loving home to orphans where they are also being given basic facilities and schooling. Concerned individuals can channel their contributions directly to the orphanage.

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