SMK Batu Lintang achievements the effort of a community

By Patricia Hului
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Some of the Form 6 graduates present during the ceremony.

The saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, reflected what contributed to the success of SMK Batu Lintang (SMKBL) in both academic and curricular activities.

Principal Saftuyah Adenan emphasised on the importance of parents, teachers, law enforcers, fire and security working together to ensure its students achieve distinction in every academic field during her welcoming speech at the school’s Form 6 graduation cum prize- giving ceremony held on Nov 4.

“The excellence of a school does not just rely on the academic, curricular activities and the students themselves but also with the help of the school’s relationship with the parents, local communities, police, firemen and health department,” Saftuyah said.


Fatimah (left) and Saftuyah (right) ringing the gong to mark the launching of the ceremony.

“These chains of relationships will ensure the new generation of students to be well equipped and able to compete in global arena while still holding on our cultural and religion values.”

As a principal, Saftuyah expressed her gratitude on the commitment shown by the local communities in supporting the school.

“We can see now that the school is no longer being regarded as a separate entity from the community.”

In 2015, the school recorded 90.57 per cent pass rate an increase from 89.08 per cent previous year in SPM examination.


Amanda Anatasia Leo (left) receiving her schroll from Fatimah.

SMK Batu Lintang also made more remarkable achievements through their STPM examination as they recorded a 100 per cent pass rate last year compared to 2014 with 99.21 per cent.

Meanwhile, according to Welfare, Women and Community Wellbeing Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah four factors contributed to the excellence of an education institution – leadership of the principal, teachers, parents and good relationship between parents and teachers.

Fatimah, who also holds the watching brief on education said, “If the school is doing great, we can always point at the leadership which is the principal.”


Nelson Liew Yew Seng (left) was handed his schrol.

She continued explaining that teachers play important role in encouraging the students to learn while parents were always been the first teachers to educate the students.

“If there were good relationship between teachers and parents, a lot of things can be achieved together.”

Fatimah also pledged RM10,000 to the school board for SMKBL’s activities..

The ceremony saw 127 Form 6 students receiving their graduation scrolls.


Rachel Michael (left) was all smiles when she received her scroll.


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