Enjoy Sarawak’s uniqueness at State Library’s Sarawakiana carnival!


By Patricia Hului
[email protected]

Clear your schedules this Oct 29 till 31 as various programmes and activities will be held in conjunction with Sarawak State Library’s Sarawakiana Carnival 2016.

On Saturday Oct 29, 11am to 5pm, members of the public can participate in the ‘Permainan Mensia Marek’ programme which takes place at the library’s compound.

The library would like to invite all carnival dwellers to try some of these awesome traditional games such as rondes, seremban cina, zeropoint, jengkek and buah saga.

There will also a Sape Workshop on Oct 29 at 2pm at the library`s gallery.

The workshop aims to give the opportunity for the younger generation to learn the art of sape music and encourage the Sarawak community to play the instrument.

It will be facilitated by Narawi Rashidi from Sarawak Cultural Village and participation is free.

Art enthusiasts can enjoy themselves during the carnival as the library collaborated with Sarawak House Arts to organise the ‘Virtuoso: Sarawak’s Senior Artists Exhibition’.

Twelve artists from the 1920s to 1940s era are involved in this exhibition: Chin Kee, Foo Syn Hee, Lee Hock Kia, Lam Siong Onn, Foo Syn Choon, Kueh Chai Phiaw, Raphael Scott Ahbeng, Ramsay Ong, Stephanie Eng, Magdelene Tai, Michael Lim and Chong Liew Syn.

The aims of the exhibition are to celebrate art, culture and history and to promote the mission to preserve, protect and recognise the names of history makers in the arts community.

View this exhibition at the library`s Newspapers & Periodicals Room, Level 1 starting from Oct 29 until Nov 16 from    10am – 6pm (Monday – Friday) and from 9am – 6pm (Saturday & Sunday) excluding public holidays.

Additionally, there will also be an art-sharing session with renowned artists: Raphael Scott Ahbeng and Sylvester Jussem.

Everyone is welcome to this session on Oct 29 at 10am at the library`s Special Collection Room on Level 1.

On Sunday Oct 30, members of the public are invited to join the Urban Sketching Session at the library’s compound.

Those interested to join the sketching session should bring along their own sketchbooks, pencils or the necessary art tools.

On top of that Nading Rhapsody, an avant-garde Borneo Ethnic Music band will be joining in the Sarawakiana Carnival 2016.

The band comprises seven young Sarawakians having a unique approach of expressing their love to revive the old legacies in the state.

Their music presentation is a unique adaptation of ritual chanting, old lullabies, folk songs, myths and stories of ethnic groups in Sarawak.

‘Sarawakiana Close Up with Nading Rhapsody‘ is organised to enable the public to learn about the band which actively  promotes the uniqueness of local traditional folk songs internationally and to inspire and encourage younger generation in promoting the  uniqueness of local traditional folk songs internationally.

It is also to inspire and encourage younger generations to promote the uniqueness of local traditional music through performing art.

Apart from that, it is to highlight Sarawak State Library’s role in preserving and promoting local culture and heritage.

Do not miss out the opportunity to meet, get to know them closely, interview and see them performing live at 9am until 11am on Oct 30 at the library’s auditorium.

Continue to be immersed with traditional music with The Chinese Musical Performance on the same day at 2pm.

There, the public can watch and know more on the secret behind the Chinese face changing art ‘Bian Lian’, magic show by Edmond Wong and TeoChew opera  performance by Teo Khiaw Club at the show.

‘Bian Lian` is an ancient Chinese dramatic art that is part of the more general Sichuan opera. Performers wear brightly colored costumes and move to quick, dramatic music.

As for TeoChew opera, it is an amazing synthesis of drama, music, singing, poetics, acrobatics, colourful costumes and folk art, is the highest expression of the Teochew culture.

The purpose of this programme is to highlight the uniqueness of Chinese musical art performance as well as to conduct awareness regarding the beauty of Chinese culture in Sarawak, especially to the younger generation.

There are plenty of activities and talks held during the carnival, follow their Facebook page for more info.

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