Azam-Yayasan Sarawak’s second leg of ‘Jejak Aspirasi Belia’ to kick off in Sri Aman

Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak (AZAM Sarawak) in collaboration with Yayasan Sarawak are set to hold the second leg of their rural students and youths outreach programme known as ‘Jejak Aspirasi Belia’ in Sri Aman this Oct 22.

About 350 students from three secondary schools in the district are expected to attend the one-day programme, which will comprise of Form 4 and Form 6 students from SMK Simanggang, SMK Sri Aman and SMK St Luke.

Over 50 local youths including school leavers and young working adults in the area are also expected to join.

“Jejak Aspirasi Belia aims at enhancing the awareness among rural youths and students on the importance of technical education in the state’s current development agenda, and to motivate them to take up opportunities in technical education and careers in various technical fields.

“It is also to help provide motivation for the participants to pursue broader self-development opportunities, and in giving back to the community,” said AZAM in a statement today.

The event will feature a talk by Yayasan Sarawak on its scholarship programme, and a talk on technical education by Centre of Technical Excellence (Centexs) which presents a unique opportunity for young people in Sri Aman to undertake the necessary education and training to meet the skill needs for industries.

“There will also be a session on the importance of ICT skills and knowledge by a UNIMAS lecturer highlighting ICT as a fulfilling career and ICT skills as essential skills in multiple fields.

“The Sri Aman District Officer is also scheduled to address the participants on youth development in the district,” it added.

The afternoon session will see the participants engaging in group dynamics sessions which will be facilitated by AZAM members, the AZAM Young Souls and representatives from Yayasan Sarawak. A mini exhibition by Yayasan Sarawak and CENTEXS will also be held throughout the event.

The Jejak Aspirasi Belia event under this AZAM-Yayasan Sarawak collaboration kicked off last  September, participated by some 300 students and youths in Song, Kapit Division. A few more rural districts will be reached out to, under this programme next year.

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