Promote Tokyo in a short film and win 1,000,000 yen

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The Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA) is inviting film enthusiasts to participate in a short film competition showcasing the best that Tokyo can offer a global audience.

This collaborative effort between SSFF & ASIA together with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is a branding strategy to further promote Japan’s capital city towards creating the ‘Tokyo Brand’.

“We are calling for short films that take Tokyo as their subject, and which show the many attractions that Tokyo has to offer. We are not only looking for films that take place in Tokyo, but also for films that depict memories of Tokyo, impressions of Tokyo, or even shops in overseas locations that offer an experience of Tokyo,” said festival director Seigo Tono in a press release.

The ‘Tokyo Brand’ aims to project Tokyo as an attractive travel destination from home and abroad.

“Together, we will produce a short film named the ‘Short Film & Tokyo Project’ to help promote the ‘Tokyo Brand.’”

The winner will receive 1,000,000 yen.

The closing date for submissions of Tokyo-themed entries is Jan 31, 2017.

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Seigo added that SSFF & ASIA, a film festival qualifying for the annual Academy Awards and one of Asia’s largest international short film festivals, has joined hands again this year with the Japan Foundating Asia Center.

“We carried out various cultural exchange projects with the objective of fostering mutual understanding between Japan and other Asian nations, to establish a symposium programme and screen short films that focus on Southeast Asia.

“Last year, we introduced the first video of a symposium featuring film professionals from Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore and Laos. This year, we welcomed film professionals from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar,” he added.

Last year, the symposium addressed four primary topics including 1) How short films positioned and considered by the film industry in each country; 2) What the situation is of short film production in each country; 3) How the skills of up-and-coming filmmakers are being nurtured in each country; and 4) How Southeast Asian countries can work together to support each other in the future.

From these topics, various areas were discussed, as the four participating Southeast Asian countries have different political, religious and economical conditions. In Malaysia, for example, short films are often made along with advertisement purposes. Meanwhile, in Myanmar, short documentaries are easier to be made because of the cheaper budgets, etc. Essays by guest writers discussing film production in Southeast Asia can be found here

The 2016 edition of the symposium witnessed panellists which include documentary filmmaker and producer Lamin Oo (Myanmar), Center for Assistance and Development of Movie Talents general manager Phuong Hoang Nguyen (Vietnam), Da Huang Pictures co-founder and Next New Wave founder Tan Chui Mui (Malaysia), and Chulalongkom University film lecturer Salaithip Jarupoom (Thailand) discussing short film as a tool for communication in Southeast Asian societies.

The new video recording of a symposium at this year’s event is now available in full video via the SSFF & ASIA project website southeast_asia/report/index- en.php.

Established by Japanese actor Tetsuya Bessho, SSFF & ASIA was initiated to introduce audiences in Japan to short films. It was first held in the Harajuku neighbourhood of Tokyo in 1999, and continued to become a pathway between Japan and the Oscars for young filmmakers.

Panelists of the symposium.

Panelists of this year’s symposium (from left) Lamin Oo, Salaithip Jarupoom, Tan Chui Mui and Phuong Hoang Nguyen

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