Unimas and STB launch ‘Touring Experience in Sarawak’ survey

By Jude Toyat
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Abdul Wahab (left) and Dr Ting signing a mock certificate of appreciation that will be distributed to those who took part in the 'Touring Experience in Sarawak' survey

Abdul Wahab (left) and Dr Ting signing a mock certificate of appreciation that will be distributed to those who took part in the ‘Touring Experience in Sarawak’ survey

A travel survey launched by Unimas’ Institute of Borneo Studies in collaboration with the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) looks to improve upon Sarawak as a travel destination.

The online survey will be carried out starting September for three months and be made available at http://sarawaktourism.com. It will also be printed for foreigners and visitors to fill out at the STB visitor’s information centre.

“It will be something of a great benefit to STB and other tourism industry players,” said Dr Hiram Ting, a researcher at the institute, at the launching ceremony held at Bangunan Yayasan Sarawak on September 13.

The purpose of this survey is to develop a holistic and structural model to find out why foreigners choose to visit Sarawak and what makes Sarawak a perfect tourism destination.

“To achieve this, we also depend on the cooperation of tourist agents that we have connection with. It will help us to understand Sarawak visitor’s experience in greater detail and use the data to better the tourism products and services within Sarawak,” said STB chairman Datuk Abdul Wahab Aziz.

Ting pointed out that the survey was part of Phase 1 of a two-year research project that aims at gauging the experience of foreigners to Sarawak.

The ‘Touring Experience in Sarawak’ survey is divided into five main parts: personal profile, places in Sarawak, food in Sarawak, events in Sarawak, and touring experience in Sarawak. Upon completion of the survey, every participant will receive a certificate of appreciation.

“We want to motivate foreigners and visitors to complete the long questionnaire, so we promise them that after completion and if they are willing to receive certificate to indicate our gratitude to their participation, they can give us their email address so we can give them,” said Ting.

For Ting, the collaboration with STB will help to make their research scholarly sound as well as practical and useful for development of the tourism industry in Sarawak.

“We are very excited to be able to collaborate with STB on this particular research. Given the magnitude of this research especially in terms of data collection, we need such collaboration to be able to collect data from foreigners and visitors from different countries.

“Inputs from industry players and well-established organisation like STB is crucial as they are the ones who knows what is actually happening and always in contact with the foreigners, visitors and tourists.

Also attending the ceremony was STB communications manager Barbara Benjamin Atan.

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