Rails Girls Kuching makes coding easy in Ruby on Rails workshop


The Ruby on Rails workshop gave its participants the chance to build a web applications from scratch.


CubeTech, in partnership with Rails Girls Kuching held its first ever Ruby on Rails (RoR) workshop at iCube Innovation, Jalan Pending.

Rails Girls Kuching is a grassroots organisation that encourages women from all backgrounds to code by giving them the tools they need to do so.

According to S M Chandima Wijendra, a co-founder of Rails Girls Kuching and also the main workshop facilitator, “workshops like the one we organised, is perfect for girls and women who want to take a look under the hood of technology and web development.”

She added that “one of the benefits of how we run things is you don’t have to have a prior background in coding – it’s suitable for even complete beginners!”


S M Chandima Wijendra

During the workshop which saw 30 people taking part, the participants were given the experience of building web applications from scratch.

They were taught sketching, prototyping, and basic programming paradigms as well as a quick introduction to the world of Ruby on Rails, a robust web applications framework that is beginner-friendly.

Throughout the workshop participants were guided by volunteer mentors, who themselves have a strong background in coding and tech. The participants were free to ask for assistance during their practice sessions, and the mentors helped to ensure that the participants understood the concepts and logic of their mini projects.

Elaine Yong, one of the participants, says that she thoroughly enjoyed the programme: “The best thing I found about the workshop was that we’re able to learn all the skills hands on, and that’s how learning is best carried out!”

Another participant, Nor Fadzilah, said that she really appreciated the support of the mentors, especially since there was a lot of material which was new to her.

“I find that in the process of learning to code, even though resources are available online, having the human touch is beneficial,” she added. Nor Fadzilah actually flew in all the way from Perak to attend this workshop.


The two-day event, which started on Friday evening (Sept 9), is sponsored by GitHub, Pivotal Labs, Gorgeous Geeks and Next Academy.

Ryan Tan, one of the volunteer mentors, was really impressed with the curiosity and progress over the two days. “Some of them started the workshop without any coding background, but by the end of it, they had produced some working applications. The sense of achievement was evident in their faces.”

The Strategic Manager of iCube Innovation, and also one of the CubeTech’s main movers, Malcolm Wu, says that “our vision is to build a culture and ecosystem that centers around technology, and make it accessible to the masses. Our collaboration with Rails Girls Kuching is a big step in that direction.” He added that CubeTech will continue to host public workshops and events such as this in the near future.

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