Find out how postage stamps can give a glimpse on the Brooke administration

KUCHING: Friends of Sarawak Museum will be presenting a talk to share knowledge about Sarawak postage and revenue stamps on documents dating 1869 to 1949 in their Afternoon @ Museum series on Aug 20.

The talk in English will be held at the Canteen in ChinaHouse at the Old Courthouse Complex starting 2pm.

This talk to be presented by Philatelic Society of Kuching Sarawak president Dr Ong Liap Teck, according to a publicity release on August 9, will allow audience to take a  glimpse at the administration of Sarawak during and immediately after the Brooke Era.

In effect, the reign of the Brooke family lasted for 100 years and effectively ended when the Japanese Imperial Army invaded and occupied Sarawak on Dec 26, 1941.

This talk, organiser revealed, would not start with the year 1841 when the reign of the Brooke family started because the first postage and revenue stamp of Sarawak was only issued on March 1, 1869.

“The last six years from 1946 to 1949 was a period of great significance in shaping what Sarawak is today. Therefore, this talk will extend up to 1949.”

“The First Rajah, Sir James Brooke, passed away in June 1868 before the issuance of the first postage and revenue stamp of Sarawak in 1869.”

Therefore, this talk would omit the part of the history of Sarawak from 1841, when Sir James Brooke was proclaimed the Rajah of Sarawak on Sept 24, 1841.

Nevertheless, the organiser pointed out that postal services, in fact, did exist in Sarawak prior to the issuance of its own stamp.

“However, given that this talk is primarily based on the Sarawak stamps, it will focus on the period from 1869 to 1949.”

Dr Ong’s talk is based on his exhibition ‘Revenue Stamps and Documents of Sarawak 1869 to 1949’ which was held during the World Stamp Championship 2004 in Singapore where he was awarded a vermeil for the exhibition.

Prior to that, his collection has also been exhibited at national, regional and Asian levels culminating at the world championship as mentioned earlier.

Dr Ong has been collecting stamps since childhood but it was only during the past two decades (1996 – 2016) that he began to participate in philatelic competitions.

His main philatelic interest has always been the revenue stamps and document of Sarawak.

For more information, contact 012-8550588 or email [email protected]

The talk is free and open to the public.

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