Together through love and union of hearts

By Jude Toyat
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Chung and Beh celebrating their wedding anniversary, a decade after their marriage – solemnised by three pastors – made headlines.


Despite the nation’s largely conservative views on marriage, Dr Jessie Chung and Joshua Beh’s union proved that theirs could stand the test of time as they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on June 14.

Kuching-born multi-talented artiste Chung and Beh renewed their marriage vows in the company of friends and family at The Serenity Court, Crown Square here, which started after their procession into the dining hall at 8pm.

Pleased with the thunderous applause from their guests, Chung said that their marriage was truly special.

“We made a vow 10 years ago to be together through love and union of hearts. This is not something that I have ever taken for granted. I will cherish this for the rest of my life. Joshua and I will continue to love each other and we hope that society will join hands in spreading love between us all,” said Chung when met during the ceremony.

While their marriage was solemnised by three pastors on November 12, 2005, their union is not recognised under Malaysian law.


Chung believes their marriage works because of their willingness to be selfless for one another.

Chung’s personal recipe on a happy marriage revealed that she was actually quite a traditional woman despite the unconventional circumstances around her marriage.

“I am a very traditional woman and as a Christian I always believe that a wife should be more submissive to her husband as he is the head of the family. A husband should love his wife very much and respect her needs apart from being a very understanding person. That’s the way to keep the marriage going.”

Chung also attributed their successful partnership to their willingness to be selfless for one another.

“Recently, I flew to Australia and although he was busy with his business at that time, he was willing to drop his work and find another person to replace him and follow me to there to pursue my cancer research. He also usually accompany me for my movie shootings. I am really thankful for little things like this in our relationship too,” said Chung of her loving husband who is currently selling boats and yachts in Langkawi.

Chung also believes that in order for a relationship to last, religious beliefs are one of the important factors that couple need to consider.

“I think it is important to have the same direction in life and having the same religion is crucial in this aspect.”

On her latest updates in the entertainment industry, Chung said that currently she signed a contract with an artist management company in China earlier this year.


“The company flew over to Kuala Lumpur to sign a contract with me. They wanted me to host a television show in China,” she said, adding that she is now focusing on her singing, acting and hosting career.

She will be coming up with her yet untitled third album, and has just released the theme song for the album entitled ‘There You Are’ recently.

Next week, she will be flying to Australia to do recording in Perth with award-winning music producer Andy James Court who has written 10 songs for her.

“I will sing six songs from this album first, then after that I will record the sixth song with its music video in Australia,” she said, explaining that she will release her album in Taiwan before Malaysia and China.

“Some of my songs have been included in the Top 10 music charts in Taiwan,” she said.

Her company is also planning to shoot a movie in Australia, entitled ‘Princess Kebaya’ by end of this year.

“The storyline is about my love story. We are trying to get an Australian actor to play my boyfriend in the movie and I am super excited as this will be my first time acting with a Caucasian.”

She also said that Natural Health Farm was also trying to get Fauziah Latiff to act in the movie.

“There are two princesses in the movie, which I will play as well as Fauziah Latiff. There will also be a love triangle in the movie,” she added.

She is also planning a new drama called ‘Missing You’.

“We have already done the recording in the studio and the story is fantastic, even much better than Moonlight that I played before. NHF is already planning to produce at least 15 shows for the drama and will be aired throughout Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Taiwan.

“I love doing drama because I love the feeling of performing in front of real audience and receive their feedback immediately,” she said.

Chung pointed out that she is also active in conducting medical research and received an offer to chair the cancer research department at Universiti Putra Malaysia.


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