Politeknik Kuching Sarawak welcomes 925 new students

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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Welcome new students to PKS!


It was a new stepping stone for 925 bright eyed youths as they were pledged in as new students to Politeknik Kuching Sarawak (PKS) during the closing ceremony on June 15th of their meet-and-greet week (Minggu Suai Kenal-MSK) for June 2016 session.

Having been the student affairs officer at PKS for almost two years as well as chairperson for the MSK programme for new students, Jenniecia Irdrinnie Allay said she has seen it all.


Student Affairs Officer of PKS and chairperson of the MSK programme, Jenniecia Irdrinnie Allay

For her, it is a bittersweet experience when the students that she has been guiding and taking care of during the MSK session take that next step to becoming an adult when they get used to their new environment and style of education.

“Since they are of a different generation, they will have a different view of the world, so perhaps we need to adapt and somehow cater to their needs which could be different from the previous generation of students,” said Jenniecia of the many challenges that she faced handling the MSK programme.

While it can be a challenge helping students adapt to their new environment and life as a young adult, Jenniecia finds the whole experience enjoyable as she gets to meet new faces every semester.

“The most memorable thing would be seeing them getting used to their environment because that is our purpose; getting them used to our institution and this kind of environment. That to me is a great achievement,” she said.

The four-day 2016 MSK session held from June 12 – 15 aimed to expose the 925 new students about the institution and the courses offered, as well as getting the students adjusted to their new environment.

According to Jenniecia, the MSK committee members had been in the institution since June 6th, about a week prior to the MSK session.


About 85 committee members of MSK were involved in the preparation of MSK week

“They helped with the preparation as there are things that needed to be done in term of logistics and handling the whole programme welcome the new students,”said Jenniecia.

Also present during the closing ceremony was PKS director Muhamad Rumzi Mamat, who mentioned in his speech that those present were among the 26,491 students who had been accepted to polytechnics all across Malaysia out of 131,000 who applied.

“You are among the 20% of those who have been accepted among the 131,000 who applied to polytechnics nationwide,” said PKS director Muhamad Rumzi Mamat to the new students.


Elsalonia Awing Liling from Betong (left) and Andy Chai from Lawas

Among the new students accepted into PKS was Andy Chai from Lawas.

Feeling slightly apprehensive at first, Andy said MSK week turned out to be fun as he got to meet new friends and spend time with them.

“We had this activity called Superhero Costume Competition where we were divided into groups and had to create superhero costumes out of newspaper. It was fun but it also involved a lot of teamwork,” he said.

Having represented her high school numerous times before, Elsalonia Awing Liling from Betong said that she felt excited, curious and apprehensive of her new environment all at once when she was enrolled as a new student at PKS.


New students pledging in as new students of PKS

“But it proved to be a lot of fun especially during the costume making competition – that was the best experience. I  learned more about teamwork and communication and also how to be patient when you are in a big group,” she said.

First established in 1988, PKS was the fifth polytechnic to be established and started accepting students in 1989 with only 240 students and offered five certificate courses and one diploma course.

PKS now offers 13 diploma courses.

“In line with the current technological development, PKS has also evolved to offer 13 diploma programmes. I also believe that we will continue to make an effort in increasing the number of educational programmes based on current needs,” said Muhamad Rumzi in his speech.


The MSK week was held from June 12 to 15 to teach the students about the institution and the courses offered as well as get them adjusted to their new environment.

Among the courses offered under PKS are diplomas in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, accountancy, information technology and electrical and electronic engineering.

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