Soo Wincci can now add ‘doctorate’ to list of achievements

By Jude Toyat
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Soo smiling happily after she learnt that she had passed her PhD final examinations on May 31.

Soo smiling happily after she learnt that she had passed her PhD final examinations on May 31.

Tears of joy flowed down Soo Wincci’s cheeks when she passed her PhD final examination on May 31.

In her recent posting on social media, the 30-year-old singer, actress, composer, chef, host, model, beauty queen and entrepreneur said that the achievement meant a lot to her as for the first time in her life she cried more than an hour nonstop.

“I thought I almost lost myself throughout this six years journey. I’ve sacrificed all my personal time, sleep time, family time, friends’ time and even gave up my relationship just to make my dreams come true,” said Soo in her Facebook post after successfully defending her doctoral thesis ‘Celebrity Personal Branding on Social Media’.

“I can’t remember how many times my thesis was being rejected and how many times of corrections I’ve been through, I was being deemed as crazy and was even being scolded by people I’ve trusted to ask me to wake up.”

Soo admitted to being tired and hurt but never blamed those around her, reasoning that nobody would really understand her vision except herself and that it was her own responsibility to work extra hard to make her dreams come true and prove she wasn’t crazy.

Soo presenting her thesis to examiners.

Soo presenting her thesis to examiners.

“Now, it is just a beginning of my new chapter, I’ve a duty for life to help more people to stand up by themselves in order to protect and make more dreams come true,” she added.

When interviewed recently by The Borneo Post SEEDS, Soo described the feeling similar to ‘giving birth to a baby’.

“I feel really happy to be able to create something out of zero. This is more rewarding than receiving an award,” she said.

Soo said that among the challenges she faced throughout her six-year journey was working and travelling.

“As a celebrity, I do not have enough time to rest and I need to plan my time for study properly.

“Sometimes, the only time I got to do my work was when I was on the plane…so basically my thesis followed me everywhere I went,” she said.

Soo with her supervisor (right) after she submitted her thesis.

Soo with her supervisor (right) after she submitted her thesis.

Besides splitting her time with work and on her thesis, Soo felt like giving up halfway because her research was constantly being rejected.

“I only managed to get back on track during my third year,” she said, explaining that she realised that she had to accept the bitter in order to appreciate the sweet.

“In order for you to taste the sweetness of success, you really need to endure the pain that follows – that will make you into becoming a tougher individual.”

Soo hopes that her thesis can contribute towards enhancing the local entertainment industry as part of her research included interviewing celebrities themselves like Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Aaron Aziz and Fizo Omar.

“I even went to Taiwan to follow up with my research,” she added. “My hope is that I want Malaysians to know that although our entertainment industry is small, we can still do something about it to make it grow.”

Soo with Open University lecturers (from left) Dr Jeannot, Prof Mohd Ghazali, Prof Dr Rosminah and Prof Dr Abdul Razak.

Soo with Open University lecturers (from left) Dr Jeannot, Prof Mohd Ghazali, Prof Dr Rosminah and Prof Dr Abdul Razak.

Soo received a scholarship to further her studies at Open University Malaysia, an institution she finds really interesting as it caters for working people.

“Considering the tight schedule, I’ve always made myself available to see my supervisor at least once a month. The interesting thing is you need to stay close to your supervisor, she is like your parent.”

Even though she may be professionally successful, education is still a top priority for Soo.

“One thing for sure is popularity alone is not forever but education can keep the popularity and make you last longer.”

Soo, who also owns a company known as Beyond Artistes Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur, is currently helping to promote a bunch of new artists including Hanz, Mad August,  Winson Voon, Gary Yap, Eunice Hoo, and Cindy Chen.

“I need to make them successful first before I can grow bigger. For me, I like to do things in phases.

“Beyond Artistes itself is similar to a university but it is on consultant basis; so we do not own the artists but consult them to become music entrepreneurs,” she explained.

Soo is also currently in the process of establishing a new company called Inwinccible Sdn Bhd.

“It is a bigger plan and will include new business partners. We are in the middle of negotiation before I can announce the dates for the concert after everything has been confirmed.

“As for my accessory and fashion line, it will start beginning end of this year,” said Soo.

Soo will be attending her convocation at Putra World Trade Centre on October 21.

Soo and her supervisor Professor Dr Wardah Mohamad Dean.

Soo and her supervisor Professor Dr Wardah Mohamad Dean.

“I am extremely excited for my convocation. After my convo, I guess I want to just take a short break before proceeding planning for my next plans but I want to contribute back more towards the community by doing social work, especially for the Malaysian entertainment line.

“I’ll still be doing my work non-stop as I love to use my art to inspire and motivate others.”

Soo also thanked everyone that has been really supportive towards her and her studies.

“I hope to encourage more people to get into education and my biggest dream is to open my own university; a university that combines talent and business to teach people how to make their dreams come true.

“My advice for the younger generation who have a dream to become successful in future is do not give up: the more you bear, the more success you will gain,” she added.

Soo will officially be known as Dr Soo Wincci after her graduation ceremony.

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