10 Borneo Ethnic Pageant finalists to vie for the title in London

By Jude Toyat
[email protected]

Pic 8

Top 10 London Qualifiers of Borneo Hornbill Festival (BHF): (From left) Mr Sabah Top 2Gideon Hilarius and Geo Allen George, Miss KadazanDusun Top 2 Shirley Anthony and Kimberly Vung, Miss Bidayuh Cynthia Arthur, Pageant director Agustus Sapen, Miss Sabah Open Yvonne Andiu, Miss Orang Ulu Kirolina Kisun, Miss Iban Princess Alma Ridi, Mr Sarawak Top 2 Joshua Lennet and Octavian Pagag.


Borneo Hornbill Festival (BHF) 2016 concluded recently with 10 Grand Finalists of the Borneo Ethnic Pageant all set to fly to London this December.

Held in Kuala Lumpur, the champions of the Miss Iban, Miss Bidayuh, Miss Orang Ulu and Miss Sabah Open categories and the top two of the Miss KadazanDusun, Mr Sarawak and Mr Sabah titles earned the London Qualifier title.

Initial numbers of participants who were shortlisted to the preliminary round consisted of 17 Miss Iban, 14 Miss Bidayuh, 14 Miss Orang Ulu, 15 Miss KadazanDusun, 11 Miss Sabah Open, 22 Mr Sarawak and 22 Mr Sabah; a total of 115 participants altogether.

The preliminary round which took place on Thursday from 9am till 8pm witnessed only 74 participants turning up; 12 Mr Sarawak, 14 Mr Sabah, 10 Miss KadazanDusun, 8 Miss Sabah Open, 10 Miss Orang Ulu, 10 Miss Bidayuh and 10 Miss Iban.

Each contestant earns a maximum of 70 per cent points during the preliminary round which focuses on knowledge in their respective ethnic tradition and heritage, their ability to explain and elaborate on the costume they wore and their presentation for the cultural research that they have conducted.

Confidence, communication skills and personality also contributed towards the 70 per cent.

A simple get-together Gala Night on May 13 at Aryan Restaurant Jalan Raja Laut allowed the contestants to get acquainted with each other and let their hair down. Most of them were dressed in impressive evening wear accentuated with Borneo motifs and accessories.

The second stage of the preliminary round was held May 14 at Auditorium Tunku Abdul Rahman MATIC.

A maximum of 30 per cent of the points were at stake for the stage show and the participants had only 3 minutes to impress the judges with their catwalk, introduction and a brief elaboration of interesting facts about their own culture.

Some extended invitations to Borneo as an effort to promote tourism while others displayed their skills in singing, poetry and dance moves. Most of them included their own brief interpretation on ‘Culture & Unity’ which is the theme for BHF 2016.

A list of subsidiary titles were awarded at the end of the night.

The female subsidiary title winners were Sara Bernard (Miss Photogenic), Meryl Foster (Miss Favorite), Olga Wilnellia (Miss Body Beautiful), Maretinie Belief (Miss Dayak Pride), Donna Magdavira (Miss Spirits of the Harvest) and Yvonne Andiu (Miss Tourism).

The male subsidiary title winners were Theodore Sunie (Mr Photogenic), Nick Walch Walton (Mr Favorite), Joshua Lennet (Mr Physique), Alfred Keleman (Mr Dayak Pride), Muhd Fadhil (Mr Spirits of the Harvest) and Octavian Pagag (Mr Tourism).

Apart from the subsidiary titles, the semi finalists were also announced on May 14.

They consisted of the top 3 for Miss Iban, Miss Bidayuh, Miss Orang Ulu and top 4 Miss Sabah Open, Miss KadazanDusun, Mr Sarawak and Mr Sabah.

The semi-final was held on Sunday May 15 to select the BHF London Qualifiers from each category, namely the  champions of Miss Iban, Miss Bidayuh, Miss Orang Ulu, Miss Sabah Open, and Top 2 of Miss KadazanDusun, Mr Sarawak and Mr Sabah.

All 10 London Qualifiers will be competing for a grand prize of RM15,000 ASB savings scheme.

The Grand Final to be held on December 10 this year will be held at Asia House Hall, London, United Kingdom.

Their flight tickets, accommodation and meals in London will be fully covered by BHF.

Besides the Borneo Ethnic Pageant semi-final, the Borneo Ethnic Dance Competition 2016 was also held on Sunday at MATIC.

A total of six teams from all over Malaysia took part in the Ethnic Dance Competition, covering two disciplines namely ‘Etnik Asli’ and ‘Drama Tari Etnik’, based on Borneo ethnic canvas.

Pic 1

The Bidayuh lineup.


Pic 2

The Iban lineup.


Pic 3

The Orang Ulu lineup.


Pic 4

The Kadazan Dusun lineup.


Pic 5

The Sabah Open lineup.


Pic 6

Mr Sarawak lineup.


Pic 7

Audience taking their photo opportunity with the Mr Sabah lineup.


Pic 9

Miss Sabah Open 2016 Yvonne Andiu (Center), 1st Runner Up Olga Wilnelia,2nd Runner Up Mayzlyne Matius, 3rd Runner Up Enzlinie Tawang.


Pic 10

Mr. Physique & London Qualifier, Joshua Lennet


Pic 11

Mr. Tourism & London Qualifier, Octavian Pagag


Pic 12

Miss Tourism & London Qualifier for Sabah Open, Yvonne Andiu


Pic 13

Top 4 Mr. Sarawak: (From Left) Second place Thurston Andok, London Qualifier Octavian Pagag, London Qualifier Joshua Lennet, third place Derran Chang Yon.


Pic 14

Miss Spirits Of The Harvest Donna Magdavira


Pic 15

Miss Orang Ulu Top 3: (From left) Third Place Pricilla Ngau,Champion & London Qualifier Kirollina Kisun, Second Place Imufera Balang


BHF 2016 Pic 16

Mr Photogenic Theodore Sunie


BHF 2016 Pic 17

Top 4 Mr. Sabah: (From left) Second place Amkha Amrah, Top 2 & London Qualifiers Gideon Hilarius & Geo Allen George, third place Ronney Pungging


BHF 2016 Pic 18

Mister Favorite: Nick Walch Walton


BHF 2016 Pic 19

Miss Body Beautiful, Olga Wilnellia


BHF 2016 Pic 20

Top 3 Miss Kadazan Dusun: Top 2 London Qualifier Shirley Anthony (left) and London Qualifier Kimberly Vung (right), third place Olivva Kusmas (standing).


BHF 2016 Pic 21

Top 3 Miss Bidayuh: Third place Clara Rigis (left), Champion & London Qualifier Cynthia Arthur (seated), Second Place Hasimah Asiaw (right)


BHF 2016 Pic 22

Mr Dayak Pride Alfred Keleman


BHF 2016 Pic 23

Mr Spirits Of The Harvest, Muhd Fadhil Abdul Rasid


BHF 2016 Pic 24

Miss Photogenic Sara Bernard


BHF 2016 Pic 25

Top 3 Miss Iban: Second place Cindy Robert, Champion & London Qualifier, Princess Alma Ridi, third place Jessy Gantle.


BHF 2016 Pic 26

Miss Favorite Meryl Foster


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