Semban ring ladies off to Milan to share culture with the world


The Semban ring ladies, (from fourth right) Tawud Luhan, Peluk Abeh, and Singai Nekan with other members of an entourage that include the Long Kelabit Ladies of Bario and staff from Sarawak Cultural Village during a photo call at the Kuching International Airport on May 25.

The Semban ring ladies left for a trip of a lifetime earlier today (May 25) as cultural representatives in the Lo Spirito Del Pianeta (International Festival of Indigenous People and Tribal Groups) being held from May 27 to June 12.

Held in Milan, Italy, the ring ladies will be showcasing the Bidayuh traditional dances and costumes including how they wear their brass rings around their arms and legs during the ethnic exchange programme.

The group will be led by Mat Titeng who is a vocalist, musician and folk song artiste. A teacher by profession, Mat said he would sing the folklore songs and play the popular Bidayuh bamboo musical instrument called ‘pretong’ at the concert.

The festival in Milan gathers cultural troupes and performers from all over the world to give a first hand account of people who daily live their culture and share it with others, erase stereotypes that do not reflect reality through the dances, prayers, spirituality of each of these indigenous groups.

The trip is arranged by Sarawak Cultural Village.

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