Win a Nissan X-Trail SUV with Maggi this Gawai!

By Patricia Hului
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Win yourself a Nissan X-Trail SUV this Gawai by entering Maggi Peraduan Masak & Menang contest!

Win yourself a Nissan X-Trail SUV this Gawai by entering Maggi Peraduan Masak & Menang contest!

Following the excitement and response to last year’s Nikmati Mi Maggi & Menang contest, Maggi is bringing a competition with an even bigger bang.

The grand prize of a Nissan X-Trail SUV is worth over RM140,000 and there are ten weekly prizes of RM300 every week for the duration of the contest.

There will also be two second prizes of electrical appliances sets worth RM5,000 and three third prizes of kitchen appliances sets worth RM2,000 each.

The contest will run over six weeks, from May 1 to June 30.

Maggi has been a part of Sarawakian kitchens over many generations and to thank consumers for their longstanding support, the Maggi Peraduan Masak & Menang contest was announced at E-Mart Batu Kawa here on May 30.


Davender (second right) and Andrew (third left) revealing the contest’s banner.

According to Davender Singh Bawa Dave, Nestle Sarawak branch manager the Gawai festival is of great significance and is one which celebrates unity and thankfulness.

“Here at Maggi, we believe that happiness is homemade and we want to give thanks to our consumers for making us a part of their preparations of tasty and balanced homemade meals of the festive season.”

The Gawai festival fosters a sense of community and camaraderie in line with Maggi values; there is no better Malaysian way to bring families and communities together than to simply bond over delicious, home-cooked food.

Maggi also believes in educating consumers on nutritious, tasty and balanced meals which can be achieved through the sharing of recipes.

For inspiration this Gawai, visit to view easy to prepare recipes which include local Sarawakian favourites like ayam pansuh, Dayak-style cool cucumber kerabu and Borneo’s Special boiled Dayak eggplant.

The event was attended by Andrew Joris, Municipal Secretary, of Majlis Perbandaran Padawan.

The launch also kicked off a roadshow which included a cooking demonstration by Maggi Chef Muluk.

Sarawakians and their families can join in the excitement at the Maggi Gawai roadshow at various locations around Sarawak, as well as mobile pop ups at selected venues to view the grand prize, which kick off on May 1.

Activities scheduled include a weekly lucky draw, games and cooking demonstration.

For more information on the Maggi Peraduan Masak & Menang contest and Maggi Gawai roadshows, visit or, or call Nestle at 1-800-88-3433 between 8am and 8pm from Mondays to Fridays.


Nissan X-Trail SUV is being revealed to the public.


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