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Speaker, coach and author John C. Maxwell has long been a household name as a leadership expert.

Born in Michigan, the author has sold over 19 million books with titles including ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership’, ‘The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow’ and ‘Developing the Leader Within You’.

As a speaker, his audience ranges from Fortune 500 companies, international government leaders to organisations such as the US Military Academy and United Nation.

Maxwell also founded EQUIP and John Maxwell Company, organisations that have trained more than five million leaders worldwide.

Law (left) met with her mentor John C. Maxwell in Orlando, US last March.

Law (left) met with her mentor John C. Maxwell in Orlando, US last March.

One of them is Lundu-born entrepreneur, life coach and winner of Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards (TOYM) 2014 Esther Law.

She was also the founder and chairman of YAST Group, an international commercial alliance platform that integrates global resources and outstanding teams.

With the head office set here in Malaysia, the business covers diversified areas such as healthcare, medicine, humanistic education, real estate, fund investment among others.

The group has infiltrated more than twenty countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Australia, India and Pakistan.

To date, Law has written two books ‘Gateway to Life’s Values’ and ‘My Life Mission over Cancer’ in Chinese.

Now she is coming up with her third book to share her thoughts and lesson on leadership.


Esther Law

“I have learned from many leadership masters around the world but these to me, this is how I defined leadership.”

Law believed that if one wants to be good in one’s career and portray all the leadership qualities; there are ten keywords to follow.

“First of all, you have to love yourself. You have to love yourself and loving what you are doing.”

Secondly, Law emphasised on the need to be enthusiastic with all the things that you are doing.

“Enthusiasm is like a fuel that sparks you to move on. Without that, sometimes you wouldn’t be inspired and you won’t able to perform.”

Appreciation is the third keyword. According to Law, one needs to appreciate everything in life that is happening whether it’s good or bad.

“We have to appreciate and be grateful not only the good things in life but also for the challenges in life. Once you have that appreciative heart, you begin to look things in a very appreciative way. “

She pointed out that gratitude or being appreciative is the thing most successful people practice.

“Next, you have to have a development plan both for the inner and outer self.”

Life coach Esther Law giving talks during this year Borneo Post International Education Fair.

Esther giving talks during this year Borneo Post International Education Fair.

She explained that inner part is something to do with the mind and soul while the outer part is about being healthy.

“In order to improve and develop your inner self, one must learn, read, see and listen to their surroundings. While for the outer part, you have to exercise and keep yourself healthy: mind, body and soul.”

Law continued, “After this development plan, the next step is to have an execution of your plan. By executing what you learn then you will be able to be expert in what you do and eventually become the best.”

Once someone becomes the expert, they will have the ability not only to reach out to others but also to themselves as well.

“Now let us put first letter of all the keywords together; Love, Enthusiasm, Appreciation, Development, Execution and Reaching out, what you get is the word Leader.”

After practicing these six keywords, Law believes only then can one be a leader.

To add to these six keywords, Law shared there are four more keywords for your own self-improvement which are System, Holistic, Innovation and Professional making up the word ‘Leadership’.

She explained, “A person, after he or she become a leader, slowly they equip themselves in the system through a holistic approach; adding your own innovation in the process, in the end you will become a professional.”

Law believed that by practicing all of these one can become a leader in his or her career and life overall.

Coming up with this concept of leadership is Law’s part of being innovative.

“When you are good, you will slowly become a role model. People will have the tendency to learn from you.”

Nonetheless, Law found learning can be just a process of learning and people do not apply what they have learned.

She highlighted the mindset has to be correct first in order to learn before anything else.

“The awareness and intention to grow is very important above all,” Law said.

This book on leadership is expected to be released end of this year.

Apart from that, the mother of one is also going around to inspire people through motivational talks around the country.

Some of the topics she covered are Leadership Gold, Put Your Dream to the Test, Becoming a Person of Influence, 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, How to Be a Real Success and many more.

By doing all of these, Law said, “I just wish to add more values to others through speaking, training and coaching.”

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