World Harvest Festival begins today!

By Jude Toyat
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WHF Ironman 2016 semi-finalists.

WHF Ironman 2016 semi-finalists.

KUCHING: The 12th edition of the three-day World Harvest Festival (WHF) begins today at Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV).

Fifteen finalists will be vying for the subsidiary title of Miss Talent portion of the Miss Cultural Harvest Festival pageant (MCHF) this evening at Panggung Budaya at 7.30pm.

The finalists include Nur Haziah Mazalan (19), Stephanie Elizabeth (22), Morgan Christency (24), Kedung Ballang (21), Tangerine Malison (19), Catherine Luweny (22), Trisdewi Trisnon(24), Priscilla Christopher (23), Nur Ashima Affendi (23), Darline Barie (23), Emily Sara (19), and Amanda Jane (22).

The results will be announced during the grand finale this Sunday, May 1 at Dewan Lagenda, SCV from 8.30pm onwards where the finalists will parade in traditional Orang Ulu costumes to fight for the coveted title following in the footsteps of last year’s winner Jean Seymour Harry, 19, an Iban lass from Kuching.

Apart from MCHF, other highlights of WHF 2016 include a sape concert to be held on April 30 (Saturday) where it will feature traditional and fusion music of international sape players from Brunei, Indonesia, France and Negeri Sembilan. There will also be a series of joint workshops, folk songs and folk dances held during the daytime.

A theme play based on a Kelabit legend entitled ‘Dayang Bulan – The Moon Princess’ will also be staged at SCV performed by SCV’s talented artistes, Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional (SLDN) apprentices and performers from Sekolah Seni Kuching.

The theme play will be held in a natural outdoor setting fronting the SCV lake near the Iban longhouse at 7.45pm this Sunday.

Visitors can also come to appreciate Sarawakian traditional food and crafts at the Sarawak Ethnic Kitchen Culinary Challenge 2016 and Sarawak Craft Bazaar. There are various craft displays and cooking competitions open to the public for the three-day festival.

The male counterpart to the MCHF, the WHF Ironman competition, will also be kicking off today. In this year’s competition sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors, 15 contestants will be vying for the title of WHF Ironman 2016.

They will compete in cultural-based activities including mountain climbing, lifting and carrying gunny sacks, blowpipe shooting and many more. The winner will be announced during the grand finale to be held this Sunday.

For more information, contact Grace or Arnida at SCV at 082-846411 or 082-846108.

Participants of the Sarawak Ethnic Kitchen Culinary Challenge decorating 'nasi pulut' for the competition.

Participants of the Sarawak Ethnic Kitchen Culinary Challenge decorating ‘nasi pulut’ for the competition.

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