Big Bottle has big heart

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
[email protected]

Judging by the name alone, many would have thought ‘Big Bottle’ was a bar at first.


Big Bottle is located at Jalan Abell and can be easily recognize by the giant bottle draped in green neon lights

According to the owner of Big Bottle – Marcus Lim – it was designed to be a hang out space where friends and family can get together after a long day to relax, catch up and unwind.

Opened in March this year, Marcus has taken great care looking into every detail on the cafe right from the table arrangement to the place’s entertainment value.

Upon entering Big Bottle, perhaps the first thing that will catch your eye is the line of drinks selections in the refrigerators like you see in a convenience store or supermarket.

Besides a chill and relaxing atmosphere, what sets it apart from other hangout places is the concept of self-service, where customers get to pick their own drinks from the refrigerators and pay them at the counter (like you usually do at the supermarket).


At Big Bottle, customers get to choose their own drinks from the refrigerator and pay straight up at the counter

That way, I guess the best thing about this self service concept is that you get to actually make your choice on the spot and pay for them straight up without having to wait for the waiter or waitresses to take your order.

Aside from the wide selection of drinks to choose from, Big Bottle is also not short on food options.


A big hit among the customers of Big Bottle, Balkanico has a handful of pizza selection


The pepperoni pizza by Balkanico, no words can describe how heavenly this thin crust crispy pizza tastes with beer

For pizza lovers, you might want to try Balkanico’s homemade thin crispy crust pizza. For me, I got to try the pepperoni pizza (which goes great with beer by the way).


Grilled seafood is also available


Juicy and savory grilled prawn

Selections of lok lok

Selections of lok lok

But for those who prefer local flavours, you can have grilled seafood, lok lok, or rojak.


A rather spacious place, customers get to move around comfortably and hang out with their friends

Big Bottle has an open plan layout that can accommodate approximately 20 rectangular tables, enough for about 150 people at a time which makes it suitable for anyone who wants to throw their family or friends a reunion or surprise birthday party.


A more cozy and intimate area to chill

But for those who prefer a more intimate space to hang out with your friends, Big Bottle has provided a perfect seating arrangement for that.


A gaming section in case one needs to let loose

However, the best part of Big Bottle in my opinion is the gaming section that can be found at the far corner of the cafe if one ever feels the need to let loose and have fun during happy hour.


Big Bottle is own by Marcus Lim and his partner Alan Reeves

Adding his own personal touch to the place, it is hard to miss the fantastically detailed paintings of arowana fish on the wall at the back of the cafe, painted by Marcus himself.

So, if you ever find yourself in the need to relax and unwind during happy hour or maybe just looking for a place to hang out and meet your friends late at night, then Big Bottle seems like the perfect choice.

Big Bottle is open from Mondays to Sundays from 10 am till 3 am.

To know more about Big Bottle, check out their facebook page at:

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