Learning the importance of recycling

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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Kindergarten students of Tadika Rhema posing with MBKS Mayor Dato James Chan (middle)


There was an instance excited chatters among the kindergartens students from Tadika Rhema Kuching upon arriving at the Kuching South City Council (MBKS).


Agnes (right) receiving a token of appreciation from Chan


Looking thrilled and excited in their pink and red uniforms and matching caps, the students from Tadika Rehma looked completely at awe once they arrived at MBKS early in the morning.

On April 1st, the children from Tadika Rehma went on a educational trip to MBKS and according to Tadika Rhema principal, Agnes Su, about 250 six year old students were brought for the trip.


Minnie Mouse demonstrate the students how to properly use the recycling bins


With the aim of introducing the benefit of recycling and creating awareness among the children, MBKS Mayor Dato James Chan pointed out to the children that recycling is important in order to have a clean and healthy environment.


Mickey and Minnie showing the students how to take care of a plant


Along with that, he also encourage the children to tell their parents to plant more tress as it helps the environment. They were later brought to the council park for tree planting.


A lucky students posing with Mickey and Minnie Mouse after successfully answering a question from a pop quiz


To teach the students on how to recycle, MBKS has prepared a sketch by a special appearance of Minnie and Mickey Mouse to demonstrate the proper technique of recycling using the recycling bun and also tree planting.


Students listening to their teachers telling them the history of Kuching in the information center


Much to the enthusiasm of the students, there was also a pop quiz where those who answer the fastest will get a prize.


A teacher showing the children a trishaw


During the trip, the students were also brough to the information center to learn more about the history of Kuching.

A fun filled and educational trip, the children of Tadika Rhema were taught on the importance of recycling and how it can help the environment.

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