Masterpiece looks forward to inject new life into Sarawak’s music industry

Members of Masterpiece (from left) Valentine Jimmy (keyboardist), Watt Marcus (bassist), Kennedy Edwin (guitarist), Depha Masterpiece (vocalist), Willy Edwin (lead guitarist), Harold Vincent (drummer), and Roslee Kadir (keyboardist).

Members of Masterpiece (from left) Valentine Jimmy (keyboardist), Watt Marcus (bassist), Kennedy Edwin (guitarist), Depha Masterpiece (vocalist), Willy Edwin (lead guitarist), Harold Vincent (drummer), and Roslee Kadir (keyboardist).

Best Dayak Rock Artiste of the Dayak Music Awards (AMD) 2014 ‘Masterpiece’ has released their latest album titled ‘Ngarapka Nuan Nikal Pulai’ (I Hope You Will Come Back).

The release was officially announced by its lead vocalist, composer and songwriter Aldrine Phillie or better known as Depha Masterpiece via his Facebook fan page at on March 12.

“This album consists of 10 tracks and it also features several guests artistes from Sarawak including Nai Dinamik on flute for ‘Anak’ and reality TV star of Akademi Fantasia 2015 Alyssa Joanne Jambie in a duet song titled ‘Siku Dalam Seribu’,” said Depha of their latest album that was made available in CD, VCD and DVD formats at music outlets throughout Sarawak and Johor since March 12 when met recently.

The ‘Ngarapka Nuan Nikal Pulai’ album was recorded, mixed, and mastered between November 2014 and August 2015 at Masterjam Studio and iMusik Studio in Sibu. The songs were all composed by Depha, officially released and produced by Panggau Buluh Pengerindu Records.

The band also completed shooting for their first single from the fourth album with the same title in November 2014. It was directed by Do Records Entertainment director Brodie William and the song was released on January 2 last year and aired within the same week in Sarawak.

“Recently, the Aramaite club owner that is based in Kuala Lumpur approached us to become our main sponsor for the album launching ceremony to be held in Kuala Lumpur on April 29.

“Following the ceremony will be other promotional activities that will witness the band touring around several major cities in Miri, Bintulu, Sibu, Kuching and other places in Sarawak throughout 2016,” said Depha, adding that the band that now has more than 100, 000 Facebook followers is really proud of their album.

Masterpiece proud to release their fourth album titled ‘Ngarapka Nuan Nikal Pulai’.

Masterpiece proud to release their fourth album titled ‘Ngarapka Nuan Nikal Pulai’.

Made up of Depha Masterpiece (vocalist), Willy Edwin (lead guitarist), Kennedy Edwin (guitarist), Watt Marcus (bassist), Harold Vincent (drummer), and keyboardists Valentine Jimmy and Roslee Kadir, the band founded in 2003 is also looking forward to injecting life into the local music industry.

“Our music is a mixture of hard rock, power ballad and heavy metal elements as a result of a multi-layered, harmonic vocals and melodic guitar riffs.

“One thing for sure is that, our music is based on the revolution of the Dayak music industry,” Depha added.

On the band’s future plan, Depha said that they are planning to release a new single of 2016 in August or September.

“We will the return to the studio to work on our new material and songs later on,” he added.

With a new generations of singers and musicians producing music of different genres, Depha pointed out that the Dayak music industry has been expanding tremendously today.

“We hope that we can still encourage and welcome all talented musicians and singers in Sarawak to grab the opportunity of the second wave of music revolution here, a wave of music that we mostly hear and being aired by local radio stations today,” he explained.

Depha also hopes to see more parties getting them involved in the local music scenes and entertainment industry from Sarawak.

“This include celebrities, entertainment magazines or articles as well as through organising events on our own artistes’ forthcoming independent concerts and music events to meet the standards and being recognised as one of the successful states in the music industry,” he added.

Prior to the ‘Ngarapka Nuan Nikal Pulai’, other albums by Masterpiece include four studio albums namely Merindang Ke Bintang (2009), Rock & Roll (2013), and Ngap Sayot (2014), as well as three Gawai compilation albums that include Mansau Leka Padi (2011), Berami Ba Ati Nuan (2014), and Nadai Ati Berami (2015).

To date, Masterpiece has received several awards of recognition in the music industry including Most Popular Group, Best Video Clips (Bulat Ati Ku), Best Album of the Year (Masterpiece), Best Album Cover (Masterpiece), and Best New Artiste during the Dayak Music Awards 2010. Apart from that, they also won the Best Song of the Year for ‘Sinu’ at the Anugerah Juara Rentak Ruai in 2011.

Masterpiece also emerged as winners for Best Rock Artiste and Best Music Arrangement (Badu) at the Dayak Music Awards 2012, Best Rock Song (Kumang Seari) at the Voice Independent Music Awards 2014, as well as Best Performance (Kumang Seari) and Best Rock Artiste at the Dayak Music Awards 2014.

The ‘Call Me Tones’ service for all songs from the new album are available for fans on Maxis, Celcom, Digi and Umobile telecommunication services.

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