New SMK Muara Tuang PTA committee appointed for 2016/2018 session

The 28th PIBG grand meeting was conducted

The 28th PIBG grand meeting underway. The meeting was officiated by Samarahan division officer, Mohd Annie Wahab.

The 28th SMK Muara Tuang Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) grand meeting recently held saw a new PTA committee for the 2016/2018 session being appointed.

SMK Muara Tuang principal Wahap Wak also emphasised at the meeting that the effort to educate children did not solely lie in the hands of the school as children spend most of their time with their parents at home.

“Parents should play a major role in handling their children’s education that they received at school so that the children can excel further in their education,” he elaborated.

PTA Yang Dipertuan Nawi Som also encouraged parents to make an effort to attend PTA meetings so that they can get correct and precise information regarding the school’s efforts in educating their children. He also thanked parents that attended the meeting which shows their deep commitment to the school.

Registration of parents and teachers

Parents and teachers registering for the PTA meeting.

SMK Muara Tuang PIBG committee of 2014/2016 session

SMK Muara Tuang’s  PTAcommittee of 2014/2016 session.

A parent representative presenting  a report during the meeting

A parent representative presenting a report during the meeting

Meanwhile, SMK Muara Tuang PTA secretary Izhar Moktar reported that Kelas Intensif Peperiksaan Awam Secara Berkala, Kursus Ketua Kelas, and Kursus Kepimpinan Pengawas would be receiving additional funds from the PTA so that the activities can be carried out successfully.

Aside from that, the PTA also conducted several special projects including construction of an education hub (Pondok Ilmu) for learning space, purchasing plastic chairs to replace old ones and restoring fans and lights in classes and hostel blocks as well as the PTA space to make the school more comfortable for students.

Mohd. Annie Wahab (left) receiving a token of appreciation from YDP PIBG of SMK Muara Tuang (middle), as witness by Wahap Wak (right)

Mohd Annie Wahab (left) receiving a token of appreciation from PTA Yang Dipertuan of SMK Muara Tuang (middle), witnessed by Wahap Wak.

The previous PTA committee for the  2014/2016 session was also honoured during an award giving ceremony.

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