Storytelling afternoon with Teacher Froggy

By Patricia Hului
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Family storytelling with Teacher Froggy at The Lounge.

It was a fun-filled afternoon as some 30 children with their parents gathered at the Lounge of tHe Spring on Mar 13 listening to storytelling by Teacher Froggy.

Teacher Froggy, whose real name is Teok Kim Wah, flew all the way from Selangor for the ‘Family Storytelling by Teacher Froggy’ event.

“As a kindergarten teacher, storytelling is part of the job,” she said when met by The Borneo Post SEEDS last Sunday.

“During this session, I am going to let them have fun and do some singing.”

According to Teok, she was glad that parents were willing to bring their children for activities like this.

“I think this can build up relationship between parents and children.”

Teok also applauded Pustaka-Bookaroo for organising the event because it can encourage the children to read and the parent to do their own storytelling.

Speaking on how she ended up with the name ‘Teacher Froggy’, Teok said it all started four years ago when the kindy she was working at had a gathering called ‘Little Giraffe Book Club’.

They asked Teok to dress up as a character during her storytelling session.

“I chose Froggy because my Chinese name sounded like the word ‘frog’ in Mandarin.”

Some people questioned her choice, commenting that the frog was an ugly animal.

To that, Teok said, “For me it is blessed because frog can be an acronym for Fully Rely On God.”


Teok started to dress up in frog-inspired outfit four years ago.

According to the event coordinator Melinda Siew, Family Storytelling by Teacher Froggy was one of Pustaka-Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival lead up programmes.

There will be a similar session happening March 19 from 3pm to 4pm at China House at the old courthouse.


Parents and their children alike sat down to listen to Teacher Froggy.


About Pustaka-Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival 2016

The second edition of Pustaka-Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival is going to be held from Apr 16-17 from 11am to 4.30pm at the Sarawak State Library.

It is organised by the library in association with Bookaroo Trust, New Delhi and Datin Patinggi Jamilah Anu as the patron.

The festival is aimed to celebrate the joy of reading among children.

The two-day event is open to everyone aged 4 to 12 with activities includimg a storytelling marathon, Paper Capers galore, and sharing the Doodle Wall with famous illustrators.

Admission is free and there is no pre-registration required.

For further information, contact Japri Bujang Masli or Razak Rambili at 082-442000 ext 103/348 or email [email protected]/[email protected].


The crowd having fun singing and dancing during the session.


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