Sarawak Maritime Academy to participate in BPIEF 2016

Students studying at the Sarawak Maritime Academy (SMA) will never be short of a chance to travel extensively.

11951968_914488495284745_8780106449431165222_n.jpgBased in Sibu, SMA offers two main courses, Diploma in Nautical Studies and Diploma in Marine Engineering. Ultimately, both courses prepare our students in attaining their Certificate of Competency (CoC – Unlimited) awarded by the Marine Department of Malaysia. Once attaining their CoC, our students are qualified to work with any worldwide shipping companies.

In this career, many aspire to becoming a ship’s Captain or Chief Engineer at the heights of their careers. Of course, there are ample lucrative job offers ashore for a very experience seafarer as well; logistic and shipping management, coastal and deep ocean port management, ship brokering, maritime law legal practice, marine or naval surveying, naval architecture and ship building, just to name a few.

Both diplomas are open for SPM leavers above 16 years of age where applicants have passes in two language subjects (Bahasa Malaysia and English) and 3 credits in Maths, 1 Science/Vocational subject and 1 any other subject. Also, the students must also pass medical check at clinics appointed by Marine Department.

For those who are interested in knowing more about the courses offered in SMA, why not visit their booth during the seventh edition of the Borneo Post International Education Fair (BPIEF) which is scheduled to be held in Feb 27 and 28 at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) from 10 am till 6 pm.

For more information on SMA, visit their website at or contact 084-216799

To know more about BPIEF, visit

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