Business, it is not all about the money

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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I t is a common perception among people that those who start their own business, do it solely to make profit. But for Salvinder Kaur from Perak, this was not the case.



Salvinder Kaur



Having an interest in starting a business from before, the 23-year-old joined the Centre for Advancement of Business, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) workshop at her hometown in Ipoh last year.

CASE is a non governmental organisation focusing on strengthening the capacity of rural and semi rural youths aimed at building a culture of entrepreneurship in Malaysia.

“In CASE, it should be 80 per cent helping people, and 20 per cent for profit, So this is their aim.They also want to instill entrepreneurship among the youths,” said Salvinder.

During the workshop organised between CASE and NGO Pertubuhan Pembangunan Insan Sikh Perak last year, she and other participants had to brainstorm business ideas that could help the people while at the same time gain profit for themselves.

Salvinder came up with an idea of opening a tuition center for children in a residential area in her hometown during a brainstorming session in which she thought it was a good idea to help children with their education.

Unfortunately, while she made it as one of the finalists, she did not manage to win the seeds grant given to the finalist at the end to start up their own business. This did not dampen her spirits to start her own business someday, however.

“I learnt a lot, as it is all about helping and then it is about profits,” she said.

Tall in stature and bubbly in nature, Salvinder was in Kuching for a few days last week attending the first CASE workshop in Kuching to give her support.

But while she was not chosen as the top three finalists for CASE, she however was grateful for the exposure and the opportunity to meet other participants from different walks of life with various and creative business ideas.

Organised by MBKS Councillor Manjeet Sidhu in collaboration with CASE, the one day workshop aimed to promote entrepreneurship and was participated by about 35 participants at Harbour View Hotel on February 6th.


The one day workshop was attended by 35 participants from Kuching at Harbour View Hotel, Kuching

The one day workshop was attended by 35 participants from Kuching at Harbour View Hotel, Kuching


In Sarawak, CASE has conducted two workshops in Kuching and two more one-day workshops in Miri and Dalat respectively where they will be training 120 participants to submit their business proposal to CASE.

Bursa Malaysia through Bursa Bull Charge Run has given a grant to CASE to continue the entrepreneurship in Sarawak.

From the 120 participants, CASE and Bursa Malaysia will form a committee to select 20 participants to undergo final training before choosing three best participants to receive a start up grant of RM15, 000 each.

Also present for the workshop was CASE President Sheikh Ali Sheikh Hussin, who said that this was the 22nd CASE workshop to be held in Malaysia where the participants will be exposed to the Business Modal Canvas (BMC), a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool that allows them to describe and design their own business model.

CASE has conducted trainings in five different states in Peninsular Malaysia with a grant from the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur which was participated by more than 600 participants.

“So far about 600 participants from CASE workshop have been exposed to BMC to plan out their business modal,” said Sheikh Ali of the CASE workshop since it was first organied in Dec 2014.

For Salvinder, while she did not win the seed grant from CASE, she plans to continue her dream of opening a tuition center someday and as of now is looking for other channels to get loans to start up her own business.


Sheikh Ali (second left), Sharifah, Manjeet and CASE coordinator Dato Dr Jasvinder Singh

Sheikh Ali (second left), Sharifah, Manjeet and CASE coordinator Dato Dr Jasvinder Singh


Also present during the workshop was Samariang assemblyman Sharifah Hasidah Sayeed Aman to officiate the entrepreneurship programme. Another CASE workshop organised in Kuching at Telang Usan was on Feb 7 and was officiated by Assistant Minister of Early Childhood Education and Family Development Rosey Yunus.

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