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By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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Manjeet (far right), bringing Irene (third from left) and other children during the shopping trip to buy school materials

Manjeet (right), taking Irene (third left) and other children  on a shopping trip to buy school materials. – Photo courtesy of Manjeet


For nine-year-old Irene Chin Lok Jerami, she will be going to school for the first time this year.

Without a birth certificate, she had been unable to be enrolled into school previously, but with the help of MBKS Councilor Manjeet Singh who talked to the school on her behalf, Irene can finally share the experience of other children her age.

According to Manjeet, Irene has already applied for her birth certificate with her hospital registration card and is just waiting for it to be issued, which could be any time soon.

When a friend had told Manjeet via Facebook about Irene and other poor families in the interior areas, she was compelled to look them up.

Then, with donations from some good Samaritans, last December Manjeet started a compassionate charity project where, in batches, she took the families out on shopping trips to buy school materials for the children, keeping the donors updated throughout.

“To help them (hardcore poor) come out from below the poverty line, it is important to embark their children in education,” said Manjeet.

Now, complete with a new school bag, shoes and books, Irene will be enrolled to Primary Four in the new year where she can finally catch up with the rest of children her age through education.


The first batch of shopping trip consist of nine children from three families (Photo courtesy of Manjeet)

The first shopping trip consist of nine children from three families. – Photo courtesy of Manjeet


On December 26th, Manjeet brought the first batch consisting of three families with nine children on a shopping trip.

Later, Manjeet said that she brought the second batch with 15 children and the third batch which consist of 13 children.

Among the items purchased for the children were school bags, two pair of shoes for each child, stockings, stationery, exercise books and some clothes.


Good quality items were bought so that the children can study in comfort

Good quality items were bought so that the children can study in comfort. -Photo courtesy of Manjeet


Manjeet said that the items purchased were of good quality so that they would be long-lasting.

Wishing to continue helping more poor families in other areas as well, Manjeet said that she hopes to see more people stepping forward to support the charity project as there are a lot more poor families out there that still need help.

Those who wish to support Manjeet in her charity project can contact her at 014-6926123.

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