Charitable cause brings bike clubs, car enthusiasts together

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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On November 23rd, four houses of six families were razed by fire at Kampong Selipar Putus, Kuching, leaving 25 people homeless.

Naifah Idris and her husband, Mohd Fazli Rajali, along with their two children were one of those families who lost the house that they shared with seven other family members.

Naifah was outside her house while her husband was taking a nap inside when she heard somebody scream ‘Fire!’ on a Monday evening.

By then, she saw two houses were already engulfed in flames.

Immediately, she remembered her son was still inside the house, quickly rushing inside to get him just before their house was too razed in fire.

Fortunately everyone survived.



Naifah and Mohd Fazli.


According to Mohd Fazli, they are now living in a makeshift shelter made out of canvas in the parking space while waiting to be moved to a temporary residence offered by Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd (SPNB) at Demak Laut.

As for the other victims, they are living temporarily with relatives in the area before moving to the new units.

Moved by the unfortunate event that befell upon the six families, a group of good Samaritans came together to collect donations for the fire victims of Kampong Selipar Putus on December 12th at Surau Darul Hajat.

Their donation items included food items, clothing for adults and children, diapers, infant formula, and RM1,000 in cash.

Organised by local bike club Buceroz Rider Club (BRC), other bike and car clubs got involved in the charity work.



Bike members gathering at S & S Cafeteria.



Final meeting before heading to Kampong Selipar Putus


Gathering at their favourite meeting spot, S & S Cafeteria at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaid Adruce around 2 pm on a rainy day, the bike members waited for the rain to stop before heading down to Kampong Selipar Putus at around 3 pm.



A member of KMK giving the peace sign before getting ready to make a move



Cars from Redline Tuner Motor Club following from behind



The bikers leading the way to Kampong Selipar Putus from their meeting point


The members formed a convoy down the street, not unlike a big bike parade, with the marshalls making sure the road was safe for them to travel and that they did not present a disruption to other drivers on the road.



Just arrived Kampong Selipar Putus.



Mohd Affizull Mohd Bee


“We had a meeting among the BRC members and during that meeting, we suggested inviting other bike clubs to participate in this big project,” said welfare member from BRC and the Kampong Selipar Putus donation project leader Mohd Affizull Mohd Bee.

According to Mohd Affizull, as BRC was established in November 2014 with 25 members, they are still new and it was their first time organising a big scale project. They invited other bike and car clubs to join in to help ensure the project ran smoothly as the other clubs had experience in handling charity projects.

“So, for this charity project, we invited six clubs including a car club. We also have members from the clubs coming all the way from Sibu,” he said.

BRC invited Kuching Rider Crew (KRC), Redline Tuner Motor Club, Kuching 4 Stroke, Kuching Scoot Clan, Kelab Motard Kuching (K.M.K) and Sarawak Motor Club (SMC), who are all registered under Ministry of Youth and Sports.






KSCSccot Clan


According to Abdul Majid Azman of KCR, one of the participating clubs, their club agreed to participate in the project when they were approached by BRC at the end of November.



Abdul Majid Azman


For president of Redline Tuner Motor Club, Ahmad Basri, since the club had been established in 2011, they had been involved in several charity works and were more that happy to participate.



President of Redline Tuner Motor Club, Ahmad Basri (middle) with his members handing out donations to the victims.


Besides that, one of the participating clubs with experience organising charity project is KMK, who had been distributing bubur lambuk during the fasting season this year.

“Among the items donated were food items, provisions, clothing for both children and adult, diapers for baby as we found out that among the victims were also babies and children. We also donated some cash of about RM1000 collected from all the clubs,”said Mohd Affizull.



Roland Sim (second right) with his wife Sian Ai Fen (second left) and their two children


Even the owner of S & S Cafeteria – Roland Sim, and his wife Sian Ai Fen – whose cafe is a favourite hangout and meeting spot among the bike members clubs since it opened in September this year, chipped in.

“They used to have their meeting at my place since the opening of my cafe and they have been there several times,”said Roland of how he first got to get acquainted with the bike members.

Also thinking that the charity project was for a good cause, Roland decided to participate.

“I was approached by the president of Redline, Ahmad to join in this event a few days ago and I think it was for a good cause, so why not?”



Group photo of bike members with the fire victims.


As it was the first time the bike clubs has collaborated with each other in a big scale project, Mohd Affizull said that the bike clubs planned to make it a regular event together in the near future.

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