Revolutionising into the digital world

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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Lau (second row, middle) with the 16 participants of Pre Hackathon Bootcamp at ICOM Square.


For some, computer coding might sound intimidating and difficult especially if you do not have any previous coding experience or do not come from the field itself.

With his background in marketing, Unimas graduate Syukri Arabi was especially driven to learn coding when he saw it more as an opportunity or extension of the marketing subjects he learned in university.

“I believe that we have shifted from the industrial era to information era, where it is driven by the tech world. So, I believe it would be an advantage for everyone even though they are not from this field or industry,” he said.

Also on the same page as Syukri was engineering graduate Keith Chong, who also realised the direction it is headed in.

“I think that IT definitely has a bright future, as we are revolutionising to the digital world,” said Keith.



(From left): Graduates Alexius Lim, Nicholas Bong, Wong How Ming, Syukri, Gerald and Bong Kin Kiet who got to be exposed to the latest cutting edge tools used in the industry


From November 23rd until 26th, Syukri and Keith were among the 16 coders who participated in the Pre-Hackathon Bootcamp at ICOM Square.

Organised by iCube Innovation in partnership with Malaysian Global Innovation and Creative Centre (MaGIC), the bootcamp aimed at providing a platform for coders to learn various programming tools and also to be updated with the latest technologies used in the industry through a series of training session to equip them with front end, back end and mobile technologies.

Conducted by mentor-in-residence of MaGIC Lau Cher Han, among the tools the participants were exposed to were HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Ruby on Rails and IONIC, which are used for mobile application development.

“The Pre Hackathon is actually to help them prepare their skills sets so that they can be more familiar with the technology out there,” said Lau.

“So, they learn the whole spectrum from web design to mobile app, because this is the trend. Any idea that they have, they can turn it either into a website application or mobile application.”

According to ComScore, an American analytics company, the number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users in 2014.

Evolving into something much more than a text messaging service to useful apps that can help solve daily problems, computer science Swinburne graduate Wong How Ming thinks that mobile apps are the next big thing.

On the other hand, Unimas graduate Gerald thinks that while mobile apps may be the next big thing, he still believes that computer development is equally important as he believes that more can be done and the functions are not as limited as mobile.

“Mobile can do many things but they are still limited while for computer, you can do so many things that mobile cannot do, like coding, and this is especially important to developers, where we still need to use computer everyday,” said Gerald who majored in network computing at Unimas.

As Gerald’s course at Unimas focuses more on back end development, the bootcamp provides opportunities to also be exposed to front end development.

“In my course, we focused more on scripting but not so much on the front end. So, for me, I learned a lot about the front end like the design and that was helpful,” said Gerald.

Participated by a good mixture of beginners and those who are working in the industry, the bootcamp was also an opportunity for both graduates and students alike to be exposed to the latest in cutting edge tools, listening to firsthand experience from those already working in the industry, and being able to apply what they have learned.

According to iCube’s strategic manager Malcolm Wu, as the bootcamp was also joined by those already working in the industry, it not only served to upgrade or update their existing skills but also as a crash course.



Aurelia (left) and Jong



(From left): James, Keith, Albert and Kelvin


“It is like a crash course, an introductory to all the latest programming language that we can use,” said Kelvin Kho who is in the web design field.

For multimedia designer Aurelia Liu and software engineer Jong Chuan Yiing, having been working in their respective fields for a while now, the bootcamp helped to update themselves with the latest technologies.

“Having been in the industry for some time, we are still using the old methods. But you have mobile application development which is coming up very fast. Sometimes, we can’t cope with too much. So it is a good place to just start off, sort of like a crash course on everything about mobile app development,” said Aurelia.

For James Graham who runs his own website,, he is interested in developing a mobile app for his site.

Aside from that, Albert Lai who is running his own website, the bootcamp taught him a lot of new programming language.

“I learnt a lot of new things such as HTML 5 and Ruby on Rails because the things I learned before are outdated. All these things are new to me because I have never used them before but I am looking forward to a more specific course on each tool like Ruby on Rails,” he added.

For more information, members of the public can contact iCube at 082 266868 or email [email protected]

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