Maggi recreates a popular Sarawakian dish with their Mi Kolo range

By Patricia Hului
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Maggi’s Big Kombo Mi Kolo with beef strips.


If a dish could be embedded in one’s DNA, kolo mee would be found in every Sarawakian’s gene.

It is one of the most significant dishes in Sarawak; with many travellers putting it down as a ‘must-have’ food when visiting this Land of the Hornbills.

The dish itself is simplicity at its finest, but the devotion towards it is what makes it complicated.

Every Sarawakian has his or her own favourite kolo mee and to argue with us on which kolo mee is the best is definitely a lost cause.

Recently, however, The Borneo Post SEEDS tried the halal version of Kolo Mee and now all Sarawakians can equally share in the goodness this culinary heritage could offer.

Maggi, a global recognised brand which has become a household name in Malaysia recently took kolo mee to another level by reinventing this noodle into a product called BIG KOMBO 2 in 1 Mi Kolo + Sup.

It is the first instant noodle in Malaysia with a unique in 2 in 1 combination of Mi Kolo and soup for a complete and satisfying meal.

Another special thing about Maggi’s Mi Kolo is that it is specially created at Maggi’s factory located in Sejingkat, Kuching.

Maggie’s Kuching factory was opened since 1993 produces other Maggi’s products such as the Maggi 2 Minute noodle range and Maggi Big for Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei market.



Talib (centre) is seen with Ivy Tan (right) Nestle Malaysia, Maggi Business Development manager for East Malaysia and Nestle Malaysia Maggi Sarawak branch manager Michael Nah.


At the media launch in Medan Niaga Satok on Nov 19, I was among the lucky guests and media representatives to have the first taste of the BIG KOMBO 2 in 1 Mi Kolo + Sup.

The launch was attended by Assistant Minister of Tourism Datuk Talib Zulpilip.

Chef Muluk was kind enough to give a quick demonstration on how to prepare Maggi’s Mi Kolo.

  • First of all, the noodles must be boiled in water until it is springy, preferably under two minutes.
  • Toss the ever-ready noodles until it is dry before mixing in the flavourful noodle seasoning.
  • For the soup, add in aromatic soup seasoning into 150 ml of boiling water.

To personalise Maggi Mi Kolo + Sup, Chef Muluk added beef strips on the noodle plus bean sprouts and scallions in the soup.



Chef Muluk getting ready to demonstrate how to cook Maggi’s Mi Kolo.


Having tasted Chef Muluk’s version of Maggi Mi Kolo + Sup, it inspired me to create my own version of Mi Kolo at home.

Maggi stayed true to its trademark flavours with this version of instant noodles as you can still taste Maggi’s magic working on your tastebuds.

Together with the Mi Kolo seasoning, the taste almost reminds me of the halal version of Mi Kolo I usually have for breakfast with friends.

The soup triggered another memory the moment I savoured it – beef noodle soup – another dish that can be found here in Kuching.



Maggi’s Mi Kolo noodle comes with a soup which diners can personalise by adding scallion and bean sprouts.


Did Maggi manage to imitate the genuine taste of Sarawak Mi Kolo? I bet every Sarawakian will have their own fierce opinion on this.

Personally I think any Sarawakians who are away outside the state would find the closest thing to home in the taste of Maggi’s Big Kombo 2 in 1 Mi Kolo + Sup.



Maggi representative giving out free samples of the new product to patrons of Medan Niaga Satok.


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