SK Satria Jaya awards top performers, UPSR graduates

By Danielle Sendou Ringgit
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Primary school students celebrating their graduation ceremony.


It was a bittersweet graduation ceremony for SK Satria Jaya Primary Six students on November 19th, as the event marked the end of their primary school years and the beginning of a new journey as secondary students.

Attended by their family members along with their proud teachers, the event saw 156 Primary Six students getting up on stage to accept their graduation certificates at Islamic Information Center (IIC), Kuching.

Besides the graduation ceremony for Primary Six students,  the event also saw top performers from Primaries One to Six and high-scoring Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) students receiving awards.



Students who scored straight As in their UPSR.


“We have 22 students scoring straight As in UPSR 2015, 18 students scoring 4As and 1B and two students scoring 4As and 1C,” said SK Satria Jaya principal Hussen Ali in his opening speech.



Top performing students happily waiting in queue to go on stage to receive their awards.


The students who scored straight As in their UPSR were:

  • Aina Mardiah Mohd Fadzli
  • Aiza Qistina Azura Zulmahari
  • Alexus Ramen Chiresly
  • Amir Firdaus Mohd Hasnain
  • Ammiel Irwin Balan
  • Andreas Dwane Lau
  • Aniq Aiman Erman
  • Audrey Nior
  • Charlson Demong Colin Ngabong
  • Farah Aleeya Badrul Hisham
  • Fatin Hanna Mohamad Shafi’an Kamal
  • Ihsanul Iman Mohamad Nazim
  • Khaleeda Mohamad Irwan
  • Maxilliana Mentrick
  • Nurul Qurratúaini Mohamad Fadzly
  • Saleha Sundai Abing
  • Vynns Quino Hillary Hazrin
  • Yohannes Peter
  • Melanie Bernida Bernard
  • Neztashea Eyleez Patrick Pawan,
  • Rosanne Hazel
  • Delvin Yeong Solomon

Another highlight of the ceremony was the Award for Best Co-Curriculum which went to Leo Ahboon Daniel (who was unable to attend as he was in Sibu for a sporting event) and Ellywella Gordon.



Ellywella Gordon was awarded for Best Co-Curriculum for female student.


Meanwhile, the awards for Exemplary Student in the female and male categories went to Fatin Hanna Mohamad Shafi’an Kamal and Vynns Quino Hillary Hazrin.



Fatin Hanna Mohamad Shafi’an Kamal (third left) and Vynns Quino Hillary Hazrin (fourth left) receiving their awards for Exemplary Student for female and male students respectively, with Hussen (third right) and PIBG representative Dr Musdi Samat (left).


Currently, SK Satria Jaya has about 915 students including those in pre-school and 54 trained teachers from different fields. According to Hussen, SK Satria Jaya will be expecting 161 students for their 2016 Primary One batch.

In line with ‘Misi Nasional dan Perakuan Pelan Pembangunan Pendidikan 2013-2013’, SK Satria Jaya is dedicated to providing quality learning opportunities to all students, adding that the teachers were also committed to helping and guiding the students.

Hussen also mentioned that the school was currently in the midst of sourcing for funds to build a new open hall at the school as well as painting the school buildings.

“The school PIBG will collaborate to organise ‘Program Pasaria’ and we hope to get support from the parents to make this programme happen,” he said.

As the graduating students leave their primary school years filled with meaningful memories of their friends and teachers, the annual graduation ceremony symbolised a stepping stone for every student to move forward towards the future.



Primary Six students singing ‘Flashlight’ by Jessie J.



Top performing students sharing a light, happy moment after receiving their trophies.



Proud parents and family members attending SK Satria Jaya award giving ceremony.



Parents did not miss the chance to snap away pictures of their children getting up on stage receiving their awards.

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