Thousands expected to vie for top 24 spots in Asia Spelling Cup

SINGAPORE: Qooco is to host the Asia Spelling Cup 2015 on November 7, 2015 in the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel, Thailand.

Organised by Qooco, thousands of primary and secondary school students from across the region shall compete to be accepted as one of the 24 finalists in Bangkok to showcase their English spelling skills, with the aim of winning the third annual competition.

The Asia Spelling Cup is regarded as the largest of its kind in Asia, bringing together students from multiple Southeast Asia nations to pit their English-language skills against each other, and the first to incorporate online and mobile learning technology into its selection process.

‘This is the largest and most competitive event in Asia where kids can showcase their English spelling skills’ says David Topolewski, CEO of Qooco, adding ‘last year there were over 100,000 online and mobile participants from across the region vying for a spot in the finals, this year we expect more’.

Students from Primary and Secondary school levels from schools in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Thailand are required to compete in the preliminary rounds via an online test, accessed through, that is also available via mobile.

The top 24 entrants will then be invited to Bangkok on a sponsored trip (this covers accommodation, return flight, transport and food) to compete in the finals. There will be six winners in total, three for Primary (first, second and third) and three for Secondary (first, second and third). Prizes include US$2,000 for first place, US$1,000 for second place, and a Samsung Tablet for third place.

‘The ability to speak a second language is a huge advantage’ adds Topolewski, ‘in a few years time, these students will enter a workforce that is more globalised and multi-lingual then ever, and the ability to communicate proficiently in English will immediately set them apart from their colleagues. Learning a second language has been proven to improve creativity, cultural awareness and leadership skills and it is vital that kids today start learning from a young age.’

While the Asia Spelling Cup 2015 is open for kids only, the level of difficulty is enough to test even the most well read adult. By the final round, the finalists last year were tackling words such as ‘knavery’ and ‘diatribe’. Furthermore, the preliminary Asia Spelling Cup Challenge round is available online or via mobile, and is gamified, creating a sense of fun, engagement and interaction, reinforcing learning and memorisation.

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