Out but not down: Lisa after AF2015

By Jude Toyat
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Allyssa Joanne Jambie is not just gorgeous and a singer par excellence, but she may be the latest inspiration for young Malaysians, especially Sarawakians who want to make it big in the music industry.

Although her beauty may make the first impression, she does not want it to be the only factor determining who she really is.

“Although Sarawakians are really supportive, some of them said that I do not have any talent in singing and the only thing that made me stay in this competition was because the voters voted me for my looks. That really offended me.”



Alyssa Joanne Jambie


Better known as Lisa, one of the 12 students of Akademi Fantasia 2015 (AF 2015), “I just want people to take me seriously in the music industry.”

Born and raised in Bintulu, Lisa was eliminated on Oct 4 during the semi-finals but she takes it as just another challenge for her to face in the industry that is full of obstacles.

“Honestly, I do feel very frustrated since one of my dreams is to enter the final round of the competition. Unfortunately, I’ve only been lucky enough to reach this stage of the competition, which allows me to be in many more stages and steps to be taken in the industry,” she said, feeling proud of her accomplishments so far and making Sarawak proud for making it into the competition.

“I really want to say sorry to all fans and voters as I made them sad about my elimination, seeing all the comments and posts on various social media platforms.

“I am fortunate as now I do have my own single,” she said of her self-composed single entitled ‘Hati Kaca’ originally sung in Iban and re-produced by AF 2015 principal Edry Abdul Halim in Malay.



During the semi-final round on October 4, she was one of the two students eliminated including Rachel Ang Hui San, 23, from Pahang, leaving only four students to compete in the final round a week later, namely Mohammad Sufie Rashid (Sufi, 24 years old, from Singapore), Syameel Aqmal Mohd Fodzly (Syamel, 22, Kuala Lumpur), Nurnajmi Nabila Samsaidi (Bila, 19, Kuala Lumpur), and Muhammad Shahrul Amin Kamarozaman (Sharul, 19, Negeri Sembilan).

Lisa, 22, whose interest in singing started when she was just a little girl, was spotted by a composer from Sarawak at the age of 18.

“During that time, I was not really confident of my talent. The composer, Daniel Ading, tried to convince me to try to sing for him and fortunately the songs topped some local radio charts in Sarawak,” said Lisa of the song entitled ‘Cerita Pengerindu Tua’, with lyrics written by Depha Masterpiece and composed by Daniel.

Lisa, who studied at Kolej Perkembangan Awal Kanak-Kanak (KPAKK) in Damansara Damai, had just completed her studies before trying out for AF.

“I had been looking for jobs but to no success. Then I tried out for the auditions. First I failed, but as I really wanted to enter the competition I tried a second time, and eventually made it until the semi-final round,” she explained.

Lisa regards her family and friends as her source of inspiration in life, including singing.

“My friends, including those in the Iban music industry in Sarawak has always been very supportive towards me, and I promise that I will always do my best to make them proud.”

Lisa learned a lot during her stint with AF, thanks to a great line-up of mentors. She considers it a great platform for those who wish to make it big and shine in the entertainment industry.

“Even though it was only three months, I learned a lot in Akademi Fantasia. I learned how to sing with pure passion, how to use the stage well, and to express and bring life and meaning to songs that I sing. I am very happy to have been here and learn from such experienced teachers.

On Sufi’s win, Lisa said, “He deserved it. Although I had been hoping for Syamel to win the competition, undeniably Sufi is a great singer. Both Syamel and Sufi are very talented. It was a tough fight in the final round.”

Lisa looks forward to more job offers in the entertainment industry.

“Besides singing, I love acting and am looking forward for offers for acting in the near future. I might be interested to get involved in hosting or becoming a radio announcer too.

“Apart from that, I also wish to collaborate with singers from Sarawak, including my idol Melissa Francis, as well as Hairee & Angels band and maybe come up with new singles with them.

She also hopes to be able to collaborate with Sada Borneo, as she hopes to inject Sarawakian elements in her songs, “and seeing their performance I know that Sada Borneo will be a perfect partner for me to accomplish my wish.”

It is just a beginning for Lisa in the entertainment industry after AF, and she is eager to give her best for her family, friends and fellow supporters.

“I promise my fight in the entertainment industry will not end here, I will keep on striving to do my best for all those who have been supporting me up to now,” she added.

To be updated with Lisa and her activities, log on to her Instagram @lisaaf2015official.

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